Jimmy Carr Commercial Breakdown

Friday 16 January, 9.20pm

Jimmy Carr presents another collection of the world’s funniest, wildest, and weirdest television adverts, selected from every corner of the globe – every one a mini-masterpiece in its own right – on Jimmy Carr Commercial Breakdown.

This double episode includes an ad from South Africa for painkillers in which a husband ensures his wife can’t complain of a headache at bedtime; a vintage ad for soap powder which extols the virtues of its special ‘green sprinkles’ despite being in black and white; an American ad for a mattress featuring a life-sized squirrel hibernating to escape from his nagging wife; a spoof Middle East terrorist cell warning of the potential dangers of fireworks in a public safety ad from the Netherlands; and a man willing to have his arms cut off just for a chocolate bar in Sweden.