Jimmy’s Food Factory

FOOD TELEVISION – Tuesday 15 November, 8.30pm

It is Christmas time, but Jimmy’s Food Factory never closes when it comes to revealing the secrets of supermarket food. Farmer Jimmy Doherty has set up his own food factory in a barn. Using farmyard and household junk, he is creating his own festive supermarket production line, and he has invited his family and friends round to test out his Christmas creations!

FOOD TELEVISION – Tuesdays from 8 March, 9.30pm

Where does our food come from? What have scientists added, or taken away? And does it matter? Jimmy’s Food Factory is back for a second series to unravel the scientific secrets behind mass food production. Find out what fakes the fat in low fat mayo, how high tech hospital equipment is improving your Sunday roast and how making puffed breakfast cereal can be a noisy and dangerous business! From oven chips to squirty cream and fruity yogurt to chicken kiev – there’s something for everyone on Jimmy’s menu.

FOOD TELEVISION – Sundays from 21 March, 9pm

Instant coffee, processed cheese, square sandwich ham – behind every supermarket product is a process and behind every process is a scientific breakthrough. In this entertaining and thought-provoking series, Jimmy Doherty unpacks the science behind the food items we buy every day – from stay-fresh bread to soft scoop ice cream. Working from a makeshift science lab inside a barn, Jimmy carries out experiments to uncover the secrets of food technology. Exploding myths and revealing the little-known processes of food production, Science in the Supermarket will change the way you think about food.