Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance

LIVING – Tuesdays from 3 January, 8.30pm

With endless column inches about violence, underage sex and obesity it would be easy to believe today’s kids are a lost generation. Many parents feel that they’re doing a worse job than their own parents and some even believe that they’re failing their kids. But are they? Jo Frost believes she needs to get parents talking again and sharing what they know. Fifty years ago advice about raising children was simple: for the most part people just followed what their own parents had done, or they looked to a friend or neighbour for advice. But nowadays parents seem to have lost their confidence, silently suffering from the same doubts and insecurities behind closed doors. Through a series of case studies and exciting experiments Jo is setting out to prove everyone has it in them to be good parents: they just need to get talking again.

8:30pm Thursday, October 21 on TV One

The ultimate no-nonsense nanny stars in a new series for TV ONE, Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance, tonight at 8.30pm.

In episode one, Frost focuses on two girls in trouble. Kiran is a four-year-old girl who has only ever eaten sweets. She wears the clothes of a one-year-old and is falling behind in almost aspect of development. In desperation, mum Sophia has started to force feed her child. This is one of the most shocking things Jo has seen in 20 years of childcare.

Jo also meets 12-year-old Bronwyn, a girl who hates her appearance so much it is seriously impacting on her life. She cries daily about the way she looks and harshly compares herself to celebrities in magazines and now refuses to leave the house without spending two hours getting dressed and putting on makeup. Her mum, Emma has no idea how to cope.

Jo explains why she thinks some parents today stuggle, “a third of UK parents think they’re doing a really bad job, I don’t think it’s that bad, I just think a lot of parents have stopped reaching out. They’ve stopped being honest about the mistakes that they’re making. Everyone’s doing a better job behind closed doors and quite frankly we’ve all got the same issues. Really what I’m saying is we’ve got to really start talking more.”

Jo also wants to know once and for all if violent computer games have an effect on a game player’s behaviour. And she’s going to give parents some practical advice on how to keep computer gaming under control.

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