Joan of Arcadia

For those who didn’t even realise that TV3 was screening season two and missed yesterday’s season opener..

Episode Recap – Season 2, Episode 1
“Only Connect”
Written by: Barbara Hall
Directed by: James Hayman

Having just returned from several weeks at a special camp meant to rehabilitate her from the “hallucinations” she’d reported as a perceived symptom of her bout with Lyme disease, Joan is especially eager to be deemed normal at home, at school and by Adam. As a result, she attempts to ignore God, tries to discount Adam’s revised belief that God may, in fact, have been appearing to her — and begins to seem even odder than before by suppressing the colorful side of her personality. Meanwhile, Joan’s not the only mysterious one in the Girardi clan; Helen, Will and Luke each harbor secrets of their own.

So TV3 are finally showing Season 2 of Joan of Arcadia. It’s about time really, season 1 ended here just under two years ago. Better late than never I suppose. Although, it is a crappy time slot. Regardless, it’s an awesome show and an awesome season (I bought it of amazon already), so my advice – watch it.

It’s on TV3, 2pm Saturdays.

Oh – I almost forgot to add, the second episode of the season is on today, I’m a week late in finding out on account of it not being on primetime (which it deserves to be).