John Banks

3-newsTV3 have had their news cameras banned from the High Court after inappropriately covering the John Banks trial last week.

TV3 has been banned from filming John Banks’ trial after it breached media guidelines by recording the MP pulling something from his ear and eating it.

Justice Edwin Wylie said that TV3 last week had broadcast a clip of Banks sitting in the High Court in Auckland. Banks appeared to pull something from his ear, look at it and eat it. Continue reading »

TVNZ_buildingWith all the hoopla around asset sales for the last few years, you would think that it would be a fairly high priority of the opposition to ensure they provided absolutely no reason or excuse for a state owned company to be sold.  Perhaps Shane Taurima didn’t get that memo.  Nonetheless, John Banks has jumped on the opportunity to renew calls for TVNZ to be sold.

 Mr Banks says the State has no place in broadcasting.  “If taxpayers didn’t own it, no one would care what Labour party meetings were held there.”

“This issue is not Mr Taurima’s politics. It is the fact that he and some of his staff wrongly used taxpayer’s property to further his political objectives” Continue reading »