John Key

Last night’s final TV debate was about as useful as a red sock in your whites washing. If you still had no idea who to vote for last night, I doubt this helped at all.

Both David Cunliffe and John Key talked over each other constantly, fighting for air time in the brief 30 minute interlude between normal programming. As a moderator, Hosking did a hopeless job, not because of any bias, but because he failed to keep the debate to a level of coherence. I lost count of the number of times all three of them at the table were speaking, nigh on shouting, at the same time.

David Cunliffe came across as incredibly smarmy, talking over John Key at every opportunity he got while begging for the right to speak without interruption when it was apparently his turn. John Key regularly scoffed at his opponent. It was hardly gentlemanly from either of them. And while the Labour leader asked for room to speak, Key’s request was accompanied by a gentle hand on the arm.

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Heaven forbid anyone talks about policy this election…


John Campbell will moderate an hour-long debate between Leader of the National Party, John Key, and Leader of the Labour Party, David Cunliffe, on Wednesday 10 September at 8.40pm on TV3.

The Leaders Debate is part of Decision ‘14, authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the General Election from TV3’s leading news service.

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JohnCampbellCampbell Live is launching another potential ratings winner tonight with a series called At Home With The Leaders.

Campbell Live kicks off its election coverage tonight, with the first in a new series At Home With The Leaders that will give New Zealanders a different perspective on the political leaders asking for their votes in the upcoming General Election.

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