Jonas L.A.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 13 December, 6pm

Joe frantically tries to get to the airport before Stella’s plane leaves, but Kevin’s car keeps breaking down on the way. He is heartbroken after arriving too late for the plane.

In order to prove that the band is not breaking up, the guys plan a last-minute

secret gig and get the word out to fans on the internet!

Get your groove on with the Disney Channel premiere of Jonas Brothers

tracks “Feelin’ Alive”, “Critical” and “L.A Baby” (acoustic version).

DISNEY CHANNEL – Mondays from 6 September, 6pm

In Season 2 of “JONAS”, (newly named “JONAS L.A.”) rock stars Kevin, Joe and Nick have landed in Los Angeles, where they have rented a Hollywood Hills house and will experience a summer like no other when their relaxing vacation turns into three life-changing opportunities:

Joe lands a prized role in a big Hollywood film

Kevin indulges his newfound passion for the movie business by shadowing a famous director

And Nick takes up surfing and feverishly works on his first passion – writing songs for the new JONAS album.