Jono and Ben At Ten

TheVoteSince The Vote has been dumped for 2014 it is completely unsurprising that the experts on the panel for this month include two comedians from TV3’s Jono and Ben at Ten.  I’m not sure if the reason they’re on the show is because they’re young enough, without actually being teenagers, to qualify as having an authoritative voice on the subject or because the show they appear on, which could loosely fall into the current affairs category, rates nearly double what The Vote usually does and their presence may draw across their fans.


Today’s world is full of opportunities for Kiwi teens, but with opportunities come risks.  Two New Zealanders – Lorde and Lydia Ko – have topped Time Magazine’s 2013 list of the world’s most influential teenagers.  But back home, the Roast Busters story has called into question whether our teens are really coping with the pressures of modern life.

This month, two teams led by Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner will argue the moot ‘Teenagers have never had it so good’ in TV3’s national debate programme The Vote, screening at 8.30pm next Wednesday night.  Broadcaster and lawyer, Linda Clark is again the referee, charged with keeping the debaters in line and on topic. Continue reading »

campbell-live-logoIn an ironic twist on the 7pm current affairs coverage we provide here at Throng, Campbell Live are upset at having some hard questions asked of them.

Last week, after realising that a couple of stories that Campbell Live had done were pretty similar to stories previously done on Seven Sharp, we asked if they were resorting to copying in order to try and lift their ratings again.

The title of the post was “Is Campbell Live resorting to copying story ideas from Seven Sharp?”.  It was a question, as indicated by the question mark at the end of the sentence.  In the actual post, I wrote “it appears as though Campbell Live may be copying some of Seven Sharp’s stories.” (Emphasis mine).

Campbell Live executive producer, Pip Keane, took exception to this and sent the following email: Continue reading »


Jono and Ben at Ten are back next Friday night!

Not to be ignored, so is 7 Days

Norwegian variety show duo Ylvis produced this music video for their tv series I kveld med YLVIS (Tonight with Ylvis).

Here’s the challenge.  Can Jono and Ben (And Guy Williams) produce a viral music video to promote their new season and get 22million views on YouTube?

nz-on-air-640I must say, we’re pretty excited about 26 new episodes of Jono and Ben at Ten!

NZ On Air is pleased to announce funding for the return of three popular comedy programmes.

Agent Anna is being supported for a second and longer season after the successful first series starring Robyn Malcolm ran on TV One earlier this year. The scripted comedy from Great Southern Television was the highest rating NZ On Air-funded comedy programme for the 2012/2013 financial year. Continue reading »

After all of her X Factor tweets, how could she not be going to Mediaworks

Congrats Rose!

For us, like many viewers, Friday nights have long been must watch comedy on TV3.  7 Days is one of those shows that is series linked on the PVR so that if we can’t watch it live, it’s available to watch later.  In fact, we recently had a week away from the news and 7 Days provided an entertaining round up of what we’d missed without having to endure a newspaper.  However, this year we’ve found ourselves choosing to watch Jono and Ben at Ten before we watch 7 Days.  While 7 Days pokes plenty of fun at the news, JABAT provide an entertaining critique of the media and pop culture.  We love it but are we alone?

There has been a bit of a piss take going on about Jono and Ben at Ten that it’s this terrible comedy show slotted in after 7 Days in the hopes that it might actually be able to rate off the back of a strong lead in.  Many times we’ve heard Jono, Ben and their trusty side kick (or drop kick as they infer) Guy Williams lambasted for having no audience.  They’ve even played on it themselves.  However, this is a myth and it’s about to be debunked. Continue reading »


Friday night viewing on TV3 is simply the best!

JonoBenTenJono Pryor and Ben Boyce will be back on TV3 with brand new episodes of Jono and Ben at Ten at the end of this month.

The premiere is locked in for Friday, May 31 at 10pm, according to the announcement on Facebook this evening.

We can’t wait.