Jubilee is a funny, warm-hearted comedy set in heartland New Zealand. It is the story of Billy Williams, his family and the small town of Waimatua, as they prepare for the local school’s jubilee. Jubilee screens at 9:30pm on Sunday 2 March, on TVNZ Showcase on TVNZ 6.

Billy Williams (Cliff Curtis) may be hopeless, but he’s no loser. He’s a likeable guy who’s always volunteering to lend a hand. It’s just unfortunate he never finishes a job – much to his wife Pauline’s (Theresa Healey) dismay.

Billy’s opportunity to redeem himself comes when Agnes Morrison, the driving force behind the Waimatua School 75th Jubilee, is killed in a freak accident. Billy gets lumbered with the task and he’s determined to prove his worth as the new Jubilee Chairman.

Meanwhile, the impending celebration and the thought of those who will return to Waimatua forces Pauline to question the choices she has made in her life and brings about a desire for change.

But could Pauline’s quest for self-transformation be connected to the arrival of Waimatua alumnus and former All Black, Max Seddon (Kevin Smith) – the man who was Pauline’s high school sweetheart? To Billy, the All Black is the star attraction of the reunion; to Pauline, Max represents the life that could have been.

Produced by John Barnett of South Pacific Pictures, Jubilee is a classic kiwi film.

“I read the book ‘Jubilee’ and I thought it was terrific,” says Barnett.

“It struck me as very similar to the Roddy Doyle Irish stories with the way it handles community, the way it handles people, the humour, the small town setting and the upbeat outcome.”

“New Zealanders will watch Jubilee and say, ‘I know these people, I know these situations, I’m familiar with small towns and family life…and it’s funny.”

Sunday 2 March 2008, 9:30pm on TVNZ 6