Julian Wilcox

julian-wilcoxMāori Television has confirmed the resignation of Head of News and Production Julian Wilcox.

Mr Maxwell acknowledged Mr Wilcox’s significant contribution to Māori Television since joining the organisation in 2004.

“Julian has been at Māori TV since the beginning of our first broadcast and to many he is the face of Māori TV. Julian’s experience across journalism and production, his passion for te reo Māori me ngā tikanga and his superlative presenting skills means that he will be sorely missed here at Māori Television,” said Mr Maxwell. Continue reading »

julian-wilcoxA few months ago, Maori Television’s Julian Wilcox was rumoured to be considering standing for the Labour Party in the Tamaki Makaurau seat but is said to have turned it down due to no guarantees he would win and didn’t want to put his job at state broadcaster on the line. Now, it seems it wouldn’t have mattered anyway as the restructure has left the award winning foundation employee and face of the channel without the job he left his role as host of Native Affairs for.

Along with Wilcox is former 3 News and Campbell Live producer, Carol Hirschfeld. Together, they’re the most experienced and respected hands at Maori Television so why they’ve been the biggest casualties of the restructure seems entirely bizarre.

They’ve been offered lesser roles within the new restructure. Continue reading »

julian-wilcoxMaori Television has confirmed that their head of News and Current Affairs, Julian Wilcox, is not seeking political office for any political party in the general election.

In a statement, Chief executive Paora Maxwell said:

MTS accepts Mr Wilcox’s written statement and we will continue to value our editorial independence in providing impartial and independent news coverage of significant regional and national stories from a Maori perspective.

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shane_taurimaDespite being found to have misused TVNZ resources and despite the Labour Party Council vetoing Shane Taurima’s candidate selection, the Tamaki Makaurau electorate committee still support the embattled former broadcaster as their man to win the seat in the upcoming general election.

And now it starts to get messy. Former Labour MP, John Tamihere, has raised questions on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report about Labour Party President, Moira Coatsworth’s meetings with Maori Television’s Julian Wilcox. Continue reading »

shane_taurimaAfter yesterday’s report into Shane Taurima’s lapse of judgement at TVNZ, the Labour Party have decided that they don’t want him as their candidate for Tamaki Makaurau.

But is it a case of damaged goods or is there more to come? Plenty of politicians survive making foolish mistakes so why have Labour decided that Taurima isn’t their man in this case? Continue reading »

julian-wilcoxWith the findings from TVNZ’s Shame Taurima investigation being due for release this week, Labour are now worried the delays will put them at a disadvantage given the Maori Party, which holds the seat, has already selected its candidate to replace Pita Sharples.

The irony in suggesting they’re being disadvantaged isn’t lost on me. However, this statement this morning raises questions about Julian Wilcox and his position at Maori Television: Continue reading »