Julius Caesar

HISTORY CHANNEL – Saturdays from 12 September, 8.30pm

Emmy nominated 2 part drama chronicling the life of Julius Caesar…This special film vividly traces the rise of Julius Caesar (Jeremy Sisto) to prominence as a brilliant military tactician; his complex relationships with his mentor General Pompey (Chris Noth) and his second wife Calpurnia (Valeria Golino); his ideological tilting with Senator Cato (Christopher Walken), who advocates democracy over Caesar’s dictatorial ambitions; and his bloody (but inevitable) murder at the hands of former friends and allies. Giving Caesar points for being fundamentally honourable, in full possession of his faculties, and possessing the “common touch” with the Roman citizenry, the teleplay does not shrink away from the man’s violent epileptic seizures, his megalomania, his casually calculated cruelties, and his bigamous relationship with Egyptian queen Cleopatra (Samuela Sardo).