Just Shoot Me

doh-homer-simpsonMediaworks have a real problem now that they’re no longer screening The Simpsons at 7pm on Four.  Last night, the replacement, Just Shoot Me, failed to make the top 100 shows of the day, barely managing 20,000 viewers.

This evaporation of ratings means that the average audience is down more than two thirds on what it was last week, and 71% on the last 8 weeks.

The channel share is suffering after the loss of more than 40% of their Top 20 highest rating shows. Continue reading »

just-shoot-meWhile Friday saw Four’s average audience halve compared to the typical ratings that The Simpsons would usually generate after they aired a double episode of Everybody Hates Chris.  The stop-gap measure allowed Mediaworks to bridge the end of the week due to losing all their Fox content and last night began airing repeats of Just Shoot Me.

The overnights are in and the prognosis isn’t much better.

The Average Audience for Just Shoot Me was only 45,830 viewers, which is again, 50% down on the last 8 weeks average. Continue reading »