mary steenburgenMary Steenburgen (Curb Your Enthusiasm , Wilfred) has joined Justified. The Oscar-winning actress will have a recurring in the fifth season of the drama.

First appearing in the 10th episode, Steenburgen will play Katherine Hale, a beautiful, Southern belle who was the wife of Wynn Duffy’s (Jere Burns) mentor in crime.

The casting comes just days after FX officially announced that Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant and created by Graham Yost, will end after the sixth season. Continue reading »

Breaking Bad1Kiwi fans of Breaking Bad will soon be able to view the sixth and final season of the series in the same week as it premieres in the US thanks to a new SoHo deal with Sony Television.

Breaking Bad and Justified are among a range of shows that will begin airing on Sky’s premium content channel after a content package deal was struck with Sony.

SoHo, SKY’s premium entertainment channel, will premiere the highly anticipated dramas Masters of Sex and Hatfields & McCoys following the conclusion of a content package deal with Sony Television.

SKY’s director of programming, Travis Dunbar, says the deal also includes critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad, Justified and Damages and he’s delighted to have secured this quality content to add further value for SoHo subscribers. Continue reading »

Terra Nova extinct for now!

USA channel Fox has pulled the plug on its pricey prehistoric drama Terra Nova that currently airs on Saturday nights at 7.30pm on TV3

The Steven Spielberg show is currently being shopped around to other networks by 20th Century Fox Television.

“Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox,” leading man Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars – also cancelled – is he the kiss of death?) tweeted late Monday. “We’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by.”

Justified Renewed

FX has ordered 13 episodes for season four of its Emmy® Award-winning hit drama series Justified, announced Americas FX Vice President Nick Grad.

“Justified is one of television’s best series and this season has reinforced that excellence,” said Grad. “Graham Yost and his writing team continue to deliver compelling material and richly drawn characters brought to life by the brilliance of Timothy Olyphant and our terrific ensemble cast.  Their work is validated by universal acclaim, awards, and ratings that have grown every year. We look forward to many more seasons to come.”

Developed for television by Graham Yost and starring Timothy Olyphant, Justified is based on the popular Elmore Leonard character “Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens” from his short story Fire in the Hole and some of his other novels.

“There are many reasons all of us on Justified are grateful to get a chance to do another season,” said Yost.  “We get to do more work with amazing actors, writers, producers, directors, musicians, editors and a jaw-droppingly talented crew.  We get to keep doing a show that appeals to a wide demographic: people in Harlan, retired US Marshals, criminals (we honestly did hear that), and, most happily, our guide, our muse, Elmore Leonard.  Best of all, we get to keep doing a show on FX (and while that may sound like craven ass-kissing, when you look at their roster, you can’t help but feel grateful to be on that list).”

“Graham’s modern day take on the western and masterful storytelling have helped bring the genre to the forefront,” said John Westphal, Senior Vice President, US. current programming, Sony Pictures Television. “The storytelling and performances brought to life by Tim Olyphant, Walton Goggins and the rest of the cast, continue to elevate the series season after season.”

Katherine Heigl NOT returning to Greys Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes has confirmed what was pretty much expected – Izzie Stevens, Katherine Heigl’s charachter will not be returning to the show.

After actress Ellen Pompeo was on Chelsea Lately last week she laughed and said “No, I don’t think that’s happening,” when asked about the prospect of her former co-star returning to the series.

Creator Rhimes was even more definitive about a possible Izzie comeback.

“We are on a track we have been planning, and the idea of changing that track is not something we are interested in right now,” Rhimes tells TV Guide Magazine, adding that it’s “really nice to hear [Heigl] appreciating the show.”

In January, Katherine told E! Online: “I’ve told them I want to [return]. I don’t know … Being a showrunner and being a writer of a TV series like that is so complicated that, I mean, she’s got how many characters are there now? There’s a lot and so she’s balancing about 40 different storylines, so I don’t know if it fits in to their sort of vision for this season or next or however many seasons it goes.”

10:45pm Wednesday, January 11 on TV One

The second, critically acclaimed series of Justified continues to set a cracking pace as US Marshal Raylan Givens wages a very personal war on the Kentucky badlands.

Tonight, Raylan and Tim must rescue a pregnant prison inmate they lost to a daring and deadly kidnapper. At the same time, Raylan finds himself in a delicate dance with Winona and her second husband, Gary, who warns Raylan that he will do whatever it takes to win his wife back.

Missed an episode of Justified? Full episodes are available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.

10:45pm Sunday, December 4 on TV One

Returning tonight to ONE, an all-new series of the critically acclaimed drama, Justified.

Though his fight against a Miami drug cartel gives him a chance to get his old job back, Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant, I Am Number 4) returns to Kentucky to clear his name as a lawman and continue working on cases closely tied to his past.

As his ex-wife Winona jeopardizes them both with her ill-advised efforts to solve her own financial crisis, a struggle for control of Harlan County’s criminal enterprises pits Raylan’s dad, his old friend Boyd Crowder and the members of a matriarchal crime family against one another and the law in a violent war.

As the plight of a teenage girl whose father’s murder has left her at the mercy of his killers, and a coal company’s heartless efforts to exploit the county’s poverty-stricken residents draw everyone into the centre of a deadly storm, Raylan and Winona struggle with questions about their future together.

Misfits US remake in development

Josh Swartz, the producer who brought us The OC and Gossip Girl, is developing a US version of British teen series Misfits. The creator of the original, Howard Overman, is said to be working alongside Schwartz on the script.

Gugino lands Justified role

Carla Gugino has joined the cast of Justified for its third season. The actress, who has appeared in the likes of Entourage and Californication, will feature in a recurring role as an assistant director of the US Marshals Service.

Big Bang actors working on pilot

Big Bang Theory actors John Ross Bowie and Kevin Sussman have begun work on a new comedy pilot for the Fox network. The pair, who played Barry Kripke and Stuart on the show, are developing a series based around a couple who bend over backwards to support their 5-year-old daughter.

Moore signs upf or comedy

Mandy Moore is attached to a new comedy pilot for the ABC network which focusses on the life of a young, newly married couple.

MTV staffer files lawsuit

A former MTV staffer who worked on The Hills is filing a lawsuit claiming she was forced to take drugs and was the subject of unwanted sexual advances. Eliza Sproul says the incidents in question occurred during the cast and crew’s 2010 trip to Costa Rica.

9:30pm Thursday, August 4 on TV One

Kentucky’s newest lawman continues enforcing his own brand of justice in this critically acclaimed series.

A strong-willed, quiet lawman haunted by his past, U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) has returned to his native Kentucky to do what he has always done best – see that justice is served.

When a case brings him face-to-face with an old friend who is now on the wrong side of the law, Raylan must also confront some long unfinished business with his ex-wife and aging father.

Tonight, following Arlo Givens’ arrest for assault, Raylan’s investigation suggests that his 65-year-old dad and stepmother may be involved in an elaborate scheme to rip off a recently paroled drug dealer.

Missed an episode of Justified? Full episodes are available on line. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.

9:30pm Thursday, July 28 on TV One

TV ONE’s series Justified continues to set a cracking pace as US Marshal Raylan Givens wages a very personal war on the Kentucky badlands.

Tonight, the prosecution of a con man leads Raylan to investigate a murder plot tied to the artwork of Adolf Hitler.

Missed an episode of Justified? Full episodes are available online. Go to tvnz.co.nz and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

9:30pm Thursday, July 14 on TV One

Haunted by his personal and professional past, Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant, Hitman ) has been “reassigned” to his native Kentucky. As a case brings him face-to-face with an old friend on the wrong side of the law, the skeletons that emerge from his closet force Raylan to confront some unfinished family business of his own.

Tonight, the hunt for a prison escapee sends Raylan and his team into a hostage situation at a house where the convict stashed the proceeds from a bank robbery 15-years ago.

Missed an episode of Justified? Full episodes are on demand at tvnz.co.nz. Click the ‘on demand’ button.