Kaa Life

Sunday September 5 at 5.00 PM on Maori Television

Healthy lifestyle, exercise and food with Aotearoa performance artiste and gay icon, Mika. This week: the crew continues looking at core strength and the benefits of correct posture. Plus amazing healthy recipes, and Jay Tewake demonstrates the latest crazy dance moves.

Sunday August 15 at 5.00 PM on Maori Television

Series premiere! Join Mika and the crew as they show viewers how to create a healthy lifestyle with small, easy changes. Learn the ‘Geek’ dance craze, recipes from a celebrity chef, traditional Maori exercise and some Astanga yoga techniques to help you maintain physical health today. This week: Mika begins Ka Toro, the Maori warrior workout. In Ka Whanau, personal trainer Kim explains the fundamental steps to strengthening the core. Following the principle that we all crawl before we walk this week there is a simple guide on how to plant the feet correctly before launching into exercise.