Kelly Osbourne: Turning Japanese

Tuesday, 20th May, at 9.30pm

Kelly’s adventures are coming to an end, and at last something inside her is starting to shift. She is beginning to embrace the extraordinary culture that is Japan. The episode opens with Kelly taking a train out of Tokyo to work as a teacher for a day. It’s the most common job for young Brits on a gap year in Japan to teach English in a Japanese school, and Kelly is determined to see what she can offer some excited and expectant youngsters. In her first class she finds out what the hopes and dreams of the students are for when they grow up and get a job. Most want to be office workers, but one bright spark bucks the trend by wanting to be a God. In her next – slightly older – class Kelly enlists the help of 80’s tunesmiths Kagagoogoo to make the English lesson come alive. Next up she works in a Dog Hotel for a day, where pampered Tokyo pooches go through a full beauty salon routine – everything from temperature controlled baths to full drying ovens. Despite losing a dog or two during walkies, Kelly has a blast, and proves a dog handling natural. Her final challenge in Japan is the climax of all her attempts to get under the skin of the beguiling country, and will prove the acid test as to whether she really has Turned Japanese. She has secured unprecedented access to join a real, highly respected Geisha house in Kyoto, and train for a week to see if she can cut the mustard in a real tea ceremony with important paying clients.

Tuesday, 13th May, at 9.30pm

Kelly Osbourne continues her fish-out-of-water O.E in Tokyo with another night of disturbed sleep. This time it isn’t the jetlag that has been keeping her up, but the fact that she’s been mistakenly guzzling back laxative tea. But Kelly is in the mood for laughing it off, and throws herself into her next challenge – Cosplay. Manga (cartoon) magazines are huge in Japan, and youngsters like nothing better than to dress up as their favourite character, and show off to other lovers of fantasy. Of course, its something Kelly can’t resist. With the help of a new Japanese friend Mai, she has just 24 hours to pull something spectacular together. They hit town, and buy a manga doll for inspiration, on which Kelly will model her look. A purple wig, several metres of shiny fabric and a hilarious fitting session later, Kelly hits the stage in front of several hundred other similarly dressed hopefuls. It’s a great morning out, until a Japanese photographer suggests she strikes a pose that is less than innocent, and all her reservations about the role of women from the week before resurface. Dejected Kelly gets out of her costume and heads home. She tries to cheer herself up doing what any self respecting Japanese youngster would do after a bad day – go and lose herself in Tokyo’s spectacular games arcades, but it only makes her mood worse. Undaunted, working girl Kelly soldiers on. They say that modern Japan is a window on the future, and her next job is thoroughly 21st century – she is working in an oxygen bar. Stressed out shoppers and execs, instead of having a couple of crafty shots in a conventional bar, plug into breathing a pure oxygen mix in a setting that looks like a sci fi movie – all bubbling bottles and tubes. This cure all is meant to relax and revitalise, and can even help burn fat.

Tuesday, 6th May, at 9.30pm

Kelly Osbourne is a woman at a crossroads in her life, and she’s looking East for inspiration. She’s seen her brother Jack re-invent his life through climbing and extreme adventures and now Kelly’s going to do the same, by immersing herself in Japanese culture – both ancient and modern. In this three-part series Kelly turns Japanese in mind, body and soul as she discovers for herself the unusual and unknown society and culture of Japan, uncovers strange and compelling regimes and courses, and perhaps becomes transformed into a new person. Japan and its culture is an obsession for Kelly, and so she plunges herself into the most bizarre, unusual and culturally alien activities As a cultural guinea pig, Kelly uncovers the unknown stories of Japanese society and experiences old and new elements of one of the most alluring nations on Earth. Kelly immerses herself in some of the most iconic practices of ancient Japan such as Geisha and Samurai, as well as exploring thoroughly modern Japanese phenomena like the Love Hotel and Bridegroom School and within each, she undertakes big, exciting and potentially life-changing challenges – inspired by ancient Japanese culture or modern Japan. Looking after Kelly during her trip to the Orient is her mentor – a fully-anglicised Japanese girl, the same age as Kelly. Her job is to translate when necessary, to encourage, nag and bully Kelly into getting the job done, and to be her confident when things get tough. Kelly will be the first to admit that her life so far has been one of privilege, freedom and ballsy self-conviction, but will Turning Japanese make her reassess her life, and help her to find inner peace and calm?