Kendra On Top

E! – Wednesdays from 14 November, 8.30pm

From her busy home life as a loving wife and mother, to her professional responsibilities as a model, a best-selling author and an entrepreneur, Kendra On Top follows the life of Kendra Wilkinson Baskett – part wild child, part global celebrity, part suburban housewife – and a full-time force of nature. Having worked her butt off to lose the baby weight after giving birth to her son, Little Hank, back in 2009, Kendra’s got her groove back and is seizing every opportunity to advance her career and enjoy her family and friends. Her husband, Hank Baskett, is currently making the transition from pro-football player to entrepreneur and entertainer, and his uncertain future has given Kendra the opportunity to be in charge and focus on her career. Never predictable, always loveable, Kendra finds her own unique balance between work and play.