Wednesday, April 25, 10.30pm

Kept is TV2’s new reality show starring Jerry Hall – the sexy, sassy supermodel and ‘ex-Mrs Jagger’ – who has 12 men competing for the opportunity to live her lavish rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle as a kept man.

In tonight’s first episode, Jerry begins her search for a ‘Kept’ man by bringing 12 unrefined young Americans to London, England. The guys must demonstrate their commitment to Jerry by swimming across the Thames River. Later, they present Jerry with a personalised gift in the hopes of proving their worthiness or risk being the first man to be left behind the velvet rope.
The 12 lucky competitors will share in Jerry’s life of luxury, accompanying her to star-studded events, rock ‘n’ roll parties and socialising with her friends and family in London. Jerry Hall is no mere ‘bachelorette’ looking for random reality television love. This wealthy, self-confident jet-setting supermodel from Texas, is searching for an ideal younger man to be the perfect accessory to her life of luxury.

Jerry will create the model of a kept man suitable to a woman of her stature. The lucky guy who will ultimately fill the mould and be chosen by Jerry, will be a kept man for a year. He will enjoy the trappings of Jerry’s good life, including a six-figure allowance! Moving between London and Paris, Jerry’s bevy of A-list family and friends will be on hand each week to help her narrow the playing field from 12 to one. Amidst the fierce competition, viewers will get an exclusive glimpse inside the inner world of ‘the rock and the wealthy’ that is Jerry Hall’s life.

Best known as a fashion model and the former wife of The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall has also appeared in feature films, video clips and TV shows, Kept is her first reality television show. “It’s totally empowering,” Jerry says of the show. “The whole show is empowering. I’m divorced and financially independent. Why shouldn’t I get to carry on like all the guys that have been carrying on forever?” And what exactly will Jerry be looking for amongst her willing contestants? “I’m just a big fan of beauty,” she says. “Music, art, theatre… I love ballet too.”

Kept screens Wednesday nights on TV2 at 10.30pm.


New Series

Starts Wednesday 25 April 10.30pm,

Jerry Hall, the sexy, sassy supermodel and “ex-Mrs. Jagger” will create the model of a ‘kept’ man from a group of 12 diverse contestants. The lucky winner will be her ‘kept’ man for a year, enjoying all the trappings of Jerry’s good life; including a six-figure allowance.