Killer Couples

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Saturdays from 16 January, 8.30pm

The vast majority of killers prey on their victims alone and undercover. But in a tiny number of cases, two people are drawn together to form a deadly duo. And when they do, they’re usually even more brutal and sadistic than those who murder alone. But how on earth do two people come to share an appetite for rape, torture – and why would they risk life and liberty to share that secret with a second person? Internationally best-selling crime novelist, Mark Billingham has made a career out of creating fictional murderers – but in Killer Couples he explores the real-life phenomenon, examining the crimes and motivations of four very different partners in crime. Each episode sees Mark embark on a journey to get inside the minds of a different pair of killers. He meets the friends who knew them, the detectives who caught them, and the psychologists and criminologists who have tried to understand them.