Killer Queen’s

HISTORY CHANNEL – Sundays from 14 August, 8.00pm

Killer Queens is a six part series that charts the lives of five very different women leaders in English History. Each of them gained fame or notoriety for their willingness to fight, scheme or even die for what they believed in.

Presented by Rory McGrath, the series begins with a two part romp through the bloody rebellion of Boudicca, Queen of The Iceni against the Imperial might of Rome. Later in the series we look at the stories of: Empress Matilda, a woman who nearly became the first Queen of England; Isabella “She Wolf of France”, who had her husband King Edward II murdered to advance her own aims; Mary Tudor “Bloody Mary” and her religious purges; and lastly Lady Mary Bankes – who whilst not a Queen was a “celebrity” of the English Civil war defending Corfe Castle, in Dorset, against 3 different sieges by the forces of Parliament.

An dramatic and fast paced series with dramatic reconstrutions and interviews that give an engaging insight into the life & times of these Killer Queens.