Killing Time

THE BOX – Sundays from 3 June, 10.30pm

This controversial 10 part crime drama serves as a raw and candid insight into the life of disgraced Australian lawyer, Andrew Fraser.

Based on the true story of Fraser’s tumultuous career, Killing Time follows his rise from small time lawyer to the role of defending Australia’s most infamous criminals and then to his ultimate downfall and imprisonment. With clients including Dennis Allen, Jimmy Krakouer, Alan Bond and those accused of the Walsh Street murders, once at the top of his game, Fraser was able to command a huge salary and live the dream. However, when ‘living the dream’ comprises of a spiralling thousand dollar-a-day cocaine habit, he loses his house, wife, and reputation….

Starring David Wenham, (Lord Of The Rings, Van Helsing, 300).

The BOX – Mondays from 11 July, 8.30pm

Hot off the heels of Prime’s world premiere, the BOX screens the chilling true story of Andrew Fraser, an infamous Australian lawyer who spent five years in prison for drug smuggling.

At the top of his game, Fraser commanded a huge salary and lived the dream, whilst defending the most controversial criminals that Australia has ever seen. But when his cocaine addiction spiralled into a thousand-dollar-a-day habit, he lost everything and his life became intertwined with villains and soldiers of justice. He was disbarred, discredited, financially bankrupt and spent five years in a maximum security prison for drug smuggling. Caged amongst serial killers and psychopaths, Fraser is forced to reflect on where it all went so wrong and try to salvage his shattered reputation.

Starring David Wenham (Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing), Killing Time gives a fascinating insight into the brutal upheavals of the Australian justice system when the war between the criminal class and a corrupt police force finally became public.

9:35pm Tuesday, June 14 on Prime

Drama Series

Having been caught red handed using and giving advice on an importation of cocaine, Fraser believes he will receive no more than a six month suspended sentence. The judge however hits Fraser with the full force of the law and he is sentenced to seven years in maximum security. After three years in jail and a failed appeal, a desperate Fraser begins to truly realise that he will be locked away rotting for at least two more years. Then in a moment everything changes as a result of information told to Fraser by a fellow inmate and multiple murderer Peter Dupas. Fraser becomes involved in an investigation by police into and unsolved murder, one Dupas is suspected of committing. Fraser agrees secretly with police to give evidence against Dupas, but becoming a police witness is incredibly dangerous.

Following Fraser’s eventual release after nearly serving his full five year term, he struggles to adjust to freedom, and the reality that he might have lost his wife and children forever. There is also the very real threat that there are people who will stop at nothing to prevent Fraser from testifying.

9:35pm Tuesday, June 7 on Prime

Drama Series

Fraser has set up his own legal practice but the glory days are over and now only low-level clientele come to him on small charges that barely pay the rent. With his marriage in tatters, all Fraser seeks is the next coke high. Crossing swords with Strawhorn now comes back to haunt Fraser, and his office and car are bugged by the drug squad, with the police intent on exposing Fraser’s cocaine use. When Fraser reacquaints himself with a mid sized dealer about to import cocaine from Africa, Strawhorn knows the chance has come. The net tightens and Fraser’s world comes crashing down.

9:35pm Tuesday, May 31 on Prime

Drama Series

Fraser’s coke usage is now out of control. He continues to work, but he can no longer hide his addiction from his friends and colleagues – especially the other colleagues at work. When they air their concerns to him, he is in total denial and when they find cocaine in his desk Fraser is fired. Things are also at breaking point at home, and Denise repeatedly tries to help Fraser see what he’s doing. Fraser’s problems compound when Lewis Moran informs him that a drug squad cop called Strawhorn knows Fraser is using coke and where he buys it from. Fraser hears that Strawhorn is involved in some dubious practices and s`eeks to deal with him by informing the National Crime Authority; a foolish drug-fuelled decision that will haunt Fraser forever.

9:35pm Tuesday, May 24 on Prime

Drama Series

Following Fraser’s success at the Walsh Street trial, he has become the most publicly despised yet sought after criminal defence lawyer in Australia. This quickly brings him the biggest catch of them all – Alan Bond. Bond is facing bankruptcy and criminal charges and offers Fraser a very handsome retainer in exchange for his legal magic. Fraser relocates to Perth and begins preparing his case in the high profile and highly pressured corporate world. This, combined with his unfettered use of cocaine and alcohol soon brings Fraser’s life undone. The pressure on his marriage is also exacerbated when Denise surprises Fraser with a visit and discovers just what’s been going on. Fraser’s life continues to slide as he loses his case and Bond is jailed. Fraser then returns to Melbourne a defeated man.

9:35pm Tuesday, May 17 on Prime

Drama Series

After Victor Peirce and cohorts are officially charged with the Walsh Street police killings, Fraser builds a defence plan with his team of lawyers and barristers. His central strategy being to remind the media that in Australia you are innocent until proven guilty. There is still little evidence to connect Victor – except for the fact that his wife Wendy and nephew are now giving the police hard evidence against him. But when tensions within the police task force spill out, Wendy turns, changes her evidence and becomes a hostile witness. Victory seems close, but the pressure sees Fraser leaning heavily on cocaine.

Tuesday 10th May 10.00pm

Drama Series

The murder of the two young constables has turned Melbourne up-side-down. The police are desperate in their pursuit of the murderers – and the rules between cops and crims are changed forever. The ongoing raids and arrests by the newly formed police task force get them no closer to the culprits or the missing murder weapon. Amongst it all Fraser calls publicly for calm but to many, including Denise, he seems to be taking the suspects’ side. This grows into an open animosity between himself and the police – especially when they suspect he knows where the missing gun is. On a lonely morning, he is told by a police officer in no uncertain terms that he should provide the smoking gun or expect to feel the full weight of the Victorian Police Force.

9:30pm Tuesday, May 3 on Prime

Drama Series

Following the death of Dennis Allen, Fraser reluctantly accepts the invitation to represent his younger brother Victor. Victor goes on an unprecedented bank robbing spree that culminates in the shooting of his friend and colleague Graeme Jensen by police. Victor plots revenge and when two young police constables are ambushed and murdered in Walsh Street, Victor is the prime suspect. Fraser now finds himself destined to become a principal defense lawyer in what is still known as one of Australia’s most cold blooded crimes.

9:35pm Tuesday, April 26 on Prime

Drama Series

While Dennis Allen’s empire crumbles around him and the police close in, Fraser is called to defend his old friend Lewis Moran against a pub shooting charge. Although Fraser is fairly sure he can beat the charges with a little legal cunning, his biggest challenge is keeping the dangerous Moran away from the witnesses. When Fraser’s ego gets in the way of his relationship with his girlfriend Denise, it seems he’s lost her for good, but his persistence pays off. Finally Dennis Allen’s ways catch up with him in the worst possible way.