Kim Dotcom

JohnCampbellLast night, Campbell Live played connect the dots with a timeline from the appointment of Jerry Mataparae to Governor General to John Key’s invitation to the White House.

Kiwiblog is critical of the story and provides the timeline of events in the conspiracy theory. Continue reading »

3-news3 News lead tonight with revelations that political hopeful, Kim Dotcom, owns a signed copy of Mein Kampf, the autobiographical manifesto written by Adolf Hitler.

However, Dotcom claims that he doesn’t subscribe to Nazi ideology and owns no other Nazi memorabilia.

“Let me make absolutely clear, OK. I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology. I’m totally against what the Nazis did.” Dotcom told TV3’s Brooke Sabin.

Last week, Dotcom had a gag order issued by the High Court against his former bodyguard Wayne Tempero who has spent the last few years by his side 24/7. Continue reading »

wayne-temperoLate night news is no longer about catching you up on what happened throughout the day before you lay your head to sleep as The Paul Henry Show landed another exclusive story with an interview with Kim Dotcom’s former bodyguard, Wayne Tempero.

Despite the gag order emplaced by the High Court last week, Tempero believes he has a right of reply after Dotcom spoke out to media.

Confidentiality is his bond, but Mr Tempero believes that bond was broken first by Dotcom after he spoke publicly about the circumstances surrounding Mr Tempero’s departure and his pay.

Sitting and talking to Ms Wright was quite an unusual experience for Mr Tempero, describing it as terrible.

“There are things that I have to say,” he says. “I have a right of reply, and as I said it’s not all about me. It’s certainly not all about me. It’s about the other people out there who are not here or who will not come here or are too scared to come here.” Continue reading »

show-me-tv-logoThe tip line has provided some interesting information recently about some issues Telecom/Spark’s new streaming content service ShowMeTV is facing in order to secure content.  Throng understands that many of the US studios that Telecom are working on deals with are unhappy about the telco’s connection with Kim Dotcom.

Telecom is currently proving hosting services for Kim Dotcom which we understand has resulted in the unhappy studios ratcheting up the prices well in excess of what might be the norm. Continue reading »

kim-dotcom-60-minutesThe interview by the American 60 Minutes program that outraged Kim Dotcom aired last night on Prime.  The New Zealand team invited Kim Dotcom on to respond.  He declined.

With the upcoming launch of his political party and his new album that he’s flogging I would have thought he would have jumped at the chance to get some publicity.

The interview airs again tonight at 7:30pm on Prime.

60 Minutes in the US this week screened a story on Kim Dotcom and the Mega Upload extradition and copyright infringement case. Not sure when it will screen here on Prime but CBS have made it available to view outside of America.

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mega-logoHollywood is on the offensive against Kim Dotcom over Mega popping up in search results.

Warner Bros. and NBC Universal have asked Google to remove the Mega homepage from its search results due to their belief that it is hosting copyrighted content on its servers. The Mega homepage does not link to any files at all.

Google is yet to comply with the requests, with Mega remaining in their search results.

Dotcom told TorrentFreak: “The Warner Bros. and NBC Universal requests to Google are censoring our entire homepage. This is in line with the unreasonable content industry behavior we have experienced for years. Continue reading »