Kimberley Crossman

What is Kimberley Crossman’s new role?

SD 18 (Kimberley Crossman as Stacey)-640 (c) SPPTonight, Kimberley Crossman returns to screens as the delightfully psychotic “Stacey” in TV2’s new local drama Step Dave.

What does your job entail?
Learning lines and bringing words on a page and the character to life.

If you could have any other job in the TV industry, what would it be?
Writing. I am working on a few of my own things but have become really passionate about writing, especially comedy. Being a story liner or writer on an established show in NZ would be really fun!
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Kimberley Crossman has been chasing acting work in the US for a while no.  Here are some shorts she’s acted in.  Note the accent.

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Somebody parodies your twitter account.

Hilarious parody from Friday night must-see-tv show Jono & Ben at Ten.

It was a cold May night in 2007. We had been invited to the 15th Anniversary for Shortland Street and were taking photos of the stars, both past and present, as they arrived and walked the red carpet at the Aotea Center in Auckland.  There were plenty of famous faces but both Rachel and I walked away from that evening talking about person in particular: Kimberley Crossman.

The 18 year old had begun acting on Shortland Street earlier in the year playing the character Sophie McKay but her performance on the red carpet screamed STAR as she posed like a pro with a million dollar smile.  It was obvious that this girl was excited about being on the red carpet and simply oozed confidence.  It was delightful to watch.  At the end of 2007, Kimberley was unsurprisingly named the best rising star in our Shortland Street Fan Awards.

Over the years we’ve spent a little bit of time working with Kim and her team who had a bigger plan than simply gracing New Zealand TV sets at 7pm each night.  Kimberley Crossman wasn’t just an actress but a developing brand, something that we had not seen from any other NZ actor.  Kimberley Crossman had her own website.  She tweeted.  She interacted with her fans.  She was and is, playing a very intelligent game with the future in mind.

Once her time on Shortland Street came to an end, she headed Stateside to audition for shows.  We’ve been following and waiting with great anticipation for the day that news came through that all her hard work had paid off.  Saturday was that day.

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