King of Cars


Chop’s a kid at heart, from his Chop Show antics, to his love of anything with four wheels and an engine so tonight’s episode is all about kids.

From a local school coming in to perform their own version of the Chop Show, to Chop’s two sons visiting the dealership, to a special visit from Chop’s old childhood crew of lowriders with their customised hopping cars. Meanwhile, The Blue Genie’s in a slump and needs a deal badly. He gets a shot to sell two cars at once to a father/daughter duo looking for hot wheels. But even though they are big Genie fans, the negotiations turn into an all day rollercoaster.

KING OF CARS, Saturday 24th November at 7.00pm


The big Thanksgiving sale is the dealership’s best shot to pull in high numbers during the slow winter season.

Hoping to bring in a record number of customers, Chop and the gang go all-out to create a wacky special “Chop Show” infomercial, with live animals, popping pilgrims and a host of Thanksgiving characters. If the show pays off and the customers come, will the salesmen be able to prove themselves or will they face winter cutbacks?

KING OF CARS, Saturday 17th November at 7.00pm

Veteran salesman, Mark, and rookie, Ali, go head-to-head in the yard.

Ali sees an opportunity to be next in line for a permanent promotion. But Mark, veteran leader of competing D-team, does not want to be outperformed by an eager upstart. With pride and ambition on the line, unpredictable customers and challenging deals keep both teams fighting for every sale.

KING OF CARS, Saturday 10th November at 7.00pm

One of Will Tooros’ motivational techniques is to teach his sales staff how to fold their underwear into a six-inch square.

“Once you got that figured out, you can go through life real easy.”

So how easy will he find it when he’s left in charge of the business?

While Chop takes a much needed and well overdue vacation, he leaves general sales manager Will Tooros, aka Chilly Willy, in charge of the dealership. Can this king for a day motivate the sales teams in Chop’s absence?

KING OF CARS, Saturday 3rd November at 7.00pm on PRIME

Business is down and the bottom line needs a shake-up. Chop decides to cut his sales force for the off-season by dissolving one team.

The tough task of letting the low performers go and moving the weaker players — giving other teams “fresh meat” — falls to his right-hand man and former top salesman, Will Tooros “Chilly Willy”. As the shake-up ripples through the dealership, the changes show immediate results.

KING OF CARS, Saturday 27th October at 7.00pm

In the rollercoaster world of car sales, it’s Chop’s job to inspire and motivate his sales force.

The most recognised of the costumed salesmen on Chop’s infomercial (The Chopper Show) is the Blue Genie, but he’s too shy to use his image to market himself.

To bring him out of his shell, Chop persuades him with $1,000 to try selling in his genie costume for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, Barry works a marathon deal trying to help a young couple trade in their car for a cheaper one.

KING OF CARS, Saturday 20th October at 7pm on PRIME

Chop devises a challenge for the sales team in which the leader of losing team has to wear a showgirl outfit.

To boost business on a slow day, Chop creates a challenge between two sales teams to sell the most cars. The leader of the losing team must wear a showgirl outfit on that night’s taping of The Chop Show, Chop’s cult-hit infomercial where his salesmen dress in wacky costumes as he “chops” prices. With their pride on the line team leaders Deeter and Tino go head to head, fighting down to the wire for every deal, as Chop counts down to the show.

KING OF CARS, Saturday 13h October at 7.00pm on PRIME

Flash, brash and full of bling, KING OF CARS is fascinating insight into the crazy, cut-throat world of car sales. Set just outside Las Vegas, this 12-part series takes an inside look at one of the America’s most successful car dealerships.

The mastermind behind this thriving business is Chop, a hip-hopping charismatic figure in a suit and shades who manages his auto empire in his own fast-talking, quick-thinking, outlandish style. And there are no limits to what he and his team will do to stay on top.

To drive sales, Chop produces and stars in a weekly infomercial called The Chopper Show. This expert of the big sell pulls out all of the stops to move cars off his lot. He makes outrageous offers, telling his audience “It’s time to do some chopping.”

He performs skits with his salesmen who dress in crazy costumes. Nothing is too offbeat or unusual for Chop’s show — there’s even a dancing blue genie. And it’s impossible to guess what other attention-getting antics Chop and his team will dream up to drum up business.

Tonight Chop keeps an eye on two of his salesmen. Ali has only been selling cars for a few months and wants to prove himself to Chop while facing a challenging customer. And Barry, the class clown of the dealership, needs a sale to get out of his slump.

KING OF CARS, Saturday 6th October at 7.00pm