Sunday 14th December


Tension mounts as the government starts to crack down on the drug cartels. Miguel attempts to protect his wife and son by sending them off to the US. <p> With them gone, war erupts. Politicians and drug cartel members die. Dr. Klein believes that salvation lies in DEA protection – but is he right?

Sunday 30th November

Miguel goes into business with a shady new doc who wants to amp up Cadena’s supplies, just as Chato gets into bed with a lady with dangerous family ties.

Meanwhile, Marlene’s dirty little secret comes out in time to put half her family in jeopardy; and Klein turns to a less-than-reliable source to improve his tragically compromised finances.

Sunday 23rd November

As Miguel is warned by Lupita, who foresees of a black cloud looming over his impending deal with a Thai heroin cartel; Delia is crushed after she’s transferred out of El Paso.

Klein’s ex-wife (Sean Young) comes back with a high-priced demand that forces the doctor to take drastic action.

Sunday 9th November 10.30pm

Two-time Emmy Award-winning executive producer/writer David Mills (ER, NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life on the Street) has created the gritty new series Kingpin. In this stylized drama, the struggles and machinations of a powerful Mexican drug-trafficking family are displayed in graphic detail as they face challenges from both the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and from the dangerous underworld in which they reside.

Yancey Arias stars as Stanford-educated Miguel Cadena, a savvy businessman who has risen to the threshold of supremacy in his family’s illegal drug cartel as power begins to pass from one generation to the next. Behind the opulent façade of the Cadenas’ lifestyle of private jets, yachts and villas stands a massive drug-dealing operation that produces immense quantities of illegal narcotics despite the ongoing family infighting.

Episode One

As the family leader Tio Jorge deteriorates in exile, the next generation of a powerful drug cartel family strategizes to take over ‘La Corporacion’, a multi-million dollar business.