Kings Cross Er: St Vincent’s Hospital

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Thursday 02 February, 7.30 pm

From the heart of one of the most famous locations in the world comes Kings Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital. It’s a real life drama like you’ve never seen before set in one of the busiest and most unique Emergency Departments in Australia. The world class St Vincent’s Hospital is just a stone’s throw away from Sydney’s pumping CBD and its entertainment underbelly, Kings Cross. It’s the place where John Ibrahim was treated after he was shot, where Marianne Faithfull was treated after her heroin overdose, where James Packer landed when he was flung from his horse and where Kerry Packer came after his heart attack.

Through its doors come rock stars, celebrities, billionaire moguls, captains of industry, and the homeless. All are in need of urgent care. An extraordinary team of doctors, nurses and specialist consultants pull together to treat multiple stab wounds, gun shot injuries, alcohol-fuelled head traumas, drug overdoses, car crash casualties and everything in between. There’s nothing this hi-calibre team can’t handle. The work is exhilarating and exhausting; the pace, relentless. Kings Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital is a crossroads of humanity at its best and worst – a window into a world of medicine that is fascinating, challenging and uplifting.