Kitchen Nightmares

Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, is ending Kitchen Nightmares after 10 seasons and has released the following statement:

As filming comes to a close on the latest series of Kitchen Nightmares I’ve decided to stop making the show. Continue reading »

9:35pm Thursday, August 2 on TV2

Where there’s smoke there’s fire! Hot-headed chef, Gordon Ramsay brings back his heavy-handed approach to cooking, in the brand new season of Kitchen Nightmares.

The multi Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay is ready to tackle and transform some of America’s scariest kitchens in just one week.

Moving, surprising and inspiring, Kitchen Nightmares takes viewers to the heart of the harsh reality of running a restaurant, and reveals that there’s always a chance of redemption even with the most seemingly unpromising ingredients.

Tonight, Chef Ramsay visits Blackberry Restaurant in Plainfield, New Jersey, and tells staff that the quality of the food and the service both need to be drastically improved .

9:30pm Thursday, January 12 on TV2

Chef Gordon Ramsay plays family counsellor tonight as Kitchen Nightmares heads to a Boston restaurant owned by two feuding brothers.

When these brothers bought Davide restaurant in Boston’s Little Italy, they thought they had hit on a goldmine. People would line out the door to get in, others would book three weeks in advance for a table. But now, the restaurant is empty, no-one is lining up outside, and the brothers aren’t sure how they are going to pay the wages.

Before they can fix their restaurant, Chef Ramsay realises they will need to fix their relationship. Can there ever be forgiveness for the brother who embezzled funds to pay for his prescription drug addiction? Will there ever be an end to the other’s constant nit-picking? And what kind of toll is this taking on the men’s wives, or their mother who is constantly caught in the middle?

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9:30pm Thursday, January 5 on TV2

Tough-talking chef Gordon Ramsay is back tonight with an episode that has been described as the greatest comeback in Kitchen Nightmares history.

The Classic American restaurant was bought by two of its waitresses 10 years ago for US$700,000. Now, it is US$1million in debt and despite their staff running amok, the ladies don’t want to discipline them because they enjoy the “family atmosphere”.

With a kitchen that is constantly running out of food, a dining room that is constantly running out of supplies, and a manager whose only qualifications for the job is his past experience as a bricklayer, Ramsay has his work cut out for him.

One owner admits she feels angry and scared, and Ramsay stages an emotional intervention to try to get things back on track. Most would put this restaurant into the too-hard basket, but luckily for the owners, Ramsay doesn’t believe in too little, too late.

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9:30pm Thursday, December 15 on TV2

Gordon Ramsay heads to the Jersey Kitchen when Kitchen Nightmares screens tonight on TV2.

When Balbina and her sons Jerry and Michael took over the family business in the mid-’90s, The Spanish Pavillion was the restaurant to go to, with lines out the door. Fast-forward to the present day, Saturday night sees only 10-20 dinners cooked, and the restaurant has debts of over half a million US$.

Can Chef Ramsay cut through the screaming and yelling (not even his own) to save this once popular eatery? Find out when Kitchen Nightmares continues tonight.

Missed an episode of Kitchen Nightmares? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the Ondemand link.

9:30pm Thursday, December 8 on TV2

Chef Gordon Ramsay is back whipping restaurants into shape in Kitchen Nightmares, returning tonight to TV2.

When it comes to the use of profanities, it seems the impossible may have occurred when Chef Ramsay meets his match in a woman whose staff refer to her as “Cruella Di Vil.”

Once a popular, thriving eatery, the restaurant DownCity seems to have lost some of its charm, and the staff seem convinced that has something to do with the dictatorship environment set by their boss.

Screaming, ranting, and even throwing Chef Ramsay out of her kitchen, can DownCity be saved? Find out when Kitchen Nightmares returns.