Kitchen Takeover

New Series: Kitchen Takeover
Food TV – Saturday 12 May, 7.00pm

This series combines humour with some excellent culinary inspiration. How would you feel if you were whisked into the kitchen of a top restaurant and required to cook its most famous dishes? Could you handle the pressure? Could you cope with the fearsome, pedantic head chef? Each episode starts with an unwary person being hauled into a kitchen, still reeling from the surprise, and offered the challenge. Each would-be gastronome has been well and truly set up by their friends. This is not quite the night out they had planned; Sweating it out in the bustling kitchens of top eateries under the ever watchful eye of the head chef. Will the still-startled novices be able to pull off the seemingly impossible? Will the real diners be able to tell that their meals have been cooked by an enthusiastic amateur, and not a top chef? Will the imposter’s dish even make it that far or will it be consigned to the bin?