Kiwi Kitchen

Kiwi Kitchen Saturday 5 January, 7pm

Richard Till’s backyard barbecue is eminently recognisable, a homemade construction which looks more like a work of modern art than your common outdoor grill.

And on summer evenings, Till will be regularly found there, cooking up mouth-watering meals, and relaxing after completing the second series of his hugely popular food show, Kiwi Kitchen, which starts tonight at 7pm on TV ONE.
In the new series, Till continues touring the country on his quest to seek out iconic New Zealand food, favourite New Zealand recipes from both expert and amateur cooks.

From a Wellington fondue to a 70s sausage casserole to a classic Kiwi picnic in the Hawkes Bay, he rediscovers recipes from our past and continues in his quest of encouraging New Zealanders put them back on the kitchen table.

Says producer Graham Ritchie, ‘Series two picks up where series one left off. We’ve found a great collection of New Zealanders who share with us their food memories and, in some cases, recipes which have been handed down over generations.

“It’s really simple – we celebrate great New Zealand food and the stories that go with it.”

“This series was really enjoyable to make,” says Till. “We didn’t have the anxiety of the first series, wondering how the finished programme was going to look – we knew we had a series format that was hugely popular.

“It’s great to present a menu for people to have fun with, that they can entertain with. And it’s just great to have fun with food – to not be bossed around or ‘styled’ into it.

“My favourite meal is the next meal, although my son would probably say it’s steak,” says Till. “I never like to eat too much – I like to leave room for when the next meal comes along.”

Recipes from series two of Kiwi Kitchen will be available on, keywords: Kiwi Kitchen. The recipes from series one were a huge hit with viewers, with each recipe page being viewed about 20,000 times.

Starts Monday 30 April 5.30pm,

Richard Till (artist, welder, and cook) tours provincial New Zealand, seeking out iconic Kiwi cuisine which has stood the test of time but possibly not of fashion.
In the first episode, Richard covers the Kiwi classics: whitebait, a roast, and Spanish cream.