Korero Mai

KORERO MAI – the ground-breaking Maori language teaching programme – starts January 2 on Maori Television, just in time to make learning te reo your News Year’s resolution.

A unique mix of education and entertainment, KORERO MAI teaches Maori in an easy, clear and fun way using drama in the form of a soap opera, as well as a tutorial each week to maximise learning.

Produced by Cinco Cine Film Productions, KORERO MAI will air Monday to Wednesday at 7.00pm (repeated Thursday and Friday at 7.00pm).

The drama – Akina – follows a group of contemporary Maori characters and uses bilingual dialogue in a way that illustrates the use and meaning of the Maori words and phrases.

The amount of Maori used in the stories increases as the series progresses and the competence of viewers increases.

The weekly tutorial, presented by Matai Smith and Gabrielle Paringatai, recaps what happened in the drama and adds the basics such as counting, colours and the days of the week.

Other segments teach waiata (songs), tikanga (customs), kupu hou (new words) and kiwaha (colloquial phrases).

Matai Smith says the series makes a fantastic contribution to the revitalisation and normalisation of te reo Maori in daily life.

“People build a rapport with the characters and they get so hooked into the drama that they don’t realise they are learning,” he says.

“It’s not too daunting or overbearing for people, especially second language learners.”

Maori is one of New Zealand’s three official languages, and now is the time to learn it with KORERO MAI, starting Monday, 2 January at 7.00pm.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7:00 PM

KORERO MAI – the soap and language show that helps you scrub up on your reo Maori skills – is back for another season with new characters, more drama and lots of language to learn.

The fifth series of Maori Television’s award-winning show premieres this week with all-new episodes screening every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.00 PM. Then there’s a second chance to see the week’s episodes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7.00 PM.

As well as language segments presented by Piripi Taylor, there’s more of the lives and loves of eight young Maori in the show’s popular soap Akina. Akina ended the last series with the shock death of Hone in a car crash on his wedding day.

The new series, which has 120 episodes and is made by Auckland-based Cinco Cine Film Productions, picks up the aftermath of the tragedy as Hone’s devastated bride-to-be Tini struggles with her loss.

There’s drama ahead for all the characters as the soap tackles some tough issues this season including suicide, post-traumatic stress, Maori land claims and broken tapu. Romance-wise, look out for a love triangle, a long-term relationship heading for the rocks, and a new heartbreaker or two in the apartment block where the characters live.

There are three new faces among the core cast of eight – Naomi Bradfield, Niwa Milroy and Patara Berryman. Although all three have TV experience as presenters, these are their first acting roles. Well-known actor Tamati Patuwai, who appeared in the last series, returns as a core cast member as lawyer Tai Jones.

“It’s hard to find young actors who speak reo Maori and can portray a character convincingly, but this cast has both those skills and that’s great for KORERO MAI,” says producer Viv Wigby-Ngatai. “There’s more drama in this series than previous ones and we’ve made a conscious effort to include topical issues, including some hard-hitting ones that viewers can relate to.”

While the reo Maori is more advanced, there’s still plenty for beginners to pick up on as well as new challenges for experienced speakers. “Those who watch it for the drama rather than the language won’t be disappointed either,” adds Viv.

Meet the Akina crew in the new series of KORERO MAI:

Tai Jones (Tamati Patuwai): Super-smooth lawyer Tai is making a case for himself as a player by romancing more than one woman. Who will fall for his charms, and how many hearts will he break before justice is done?

Hariata Jackson (Naomi Bradfield): Fresh from her OE, free-spirited Hariata lands a job in the caf� and catches the eye of more than one man. But her open and trusting nature leaves her vulnerable to manipulation, even from her own whanau.

Maru Stewart (Patara Berryman): New arrival Maru can’t help but get into mischief, even though he is trying to stay out of trouble. How long will it be before this loose cannon’s dark secret is revealed?

Tini Hape (Steph Martin): Overcome with grief at the loss of her partner Hone on their wedding day, Tini struggles to hold it together. But everyone has a breaking point, and Tini has to face hers.

Parearau Turoa (Kym Rawiri): Her dreams of being a top film director in tatters, Parearau makes a career change. It’s not long before she’s facing a crisis, and this one’s from beyond the grave.

Quinn Tuhaka (Kawariki Morgan): Plagued by guilt after the death of Hone, and still recovering from his own injuries, Quinn finds his relationship with Parearau strained. Could temptation to stray prove too much?

Wiki Jackson (Niwa Milroy): A trophy wife to a rich older man, Wiki is spoiled and selfish. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to get what she wants and she’ll step on anyone in her designer stilettos to get it.

Hemi Pikia (Stevie Whaitiri): Last seen heading off to follow his dreams of a singing career, Hemi returns to the apartments where he rocks up a storm of a different kind.

Learn language skills and follow the life and loves of Akina in the new series of KORERO MAI, now screening six days a week – Monday to Saturday at 7.00 PM – only on Maori Television.

Week 10: Monday March 5 – Sunday March 11 2007

KORERO MAI – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.00 PM (repeated Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7.00 PM)

The soap opera that helps you scrub up on your reo Maori is back with an all-new series, six days a week, complete with a cast of fresh new faces, exciting storylines and more tips to help you learn the language.

Monday to Friday at 3.30 PM from Monday February 5 on Maori TV

The show that combines learning to speak reo Maori with a soap opera is back. An earlier start for Maori Television every weekday has made room for re-runs of the popular series, meaning fans can pick up from where it ended last year.