Kune’s Kitchen

Kidzone24 was introduced to a new kiwi character this week in the form of a mischievous little piggy named Kune.

New Zealand’s brand new very own Kune’s Kitchen exclusive to Kidzone24 is a cooking show like no other! Kune’s Kitchen is set in a Kiwi kitchen with long-time friends Hugo – a creative yet struggling Chef, and Kune – a mischievous and interfering Kunekune pig that lives in the compost bin. With this troublesome twosome there is no limit to what can be created; feel like super splendiferous spicy sponge cake? No problem! How about a moon cheese pizza? Coming up! Each episode is based around a kitchen project that Hugo is focused on, a culinary creation that he attempts to pull off with his imaginative flair. However, Kune the pig loves nothing more than eating the last of the ingredients before Hugo can use them so you can almost guarantee that nothing will go according to plan.

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