Ladette to Lady

WEDNESDAY 28th January

It’s the fifth and final week at Eggleston Hall and only three Ladettes are left at the Finishing School. Now they face the ultimate challenge: to “come out” at a Debutantes’ Ball. 

Wearing dresses they have made, the Ladettes will each make an entrance and be judged on their poise, grooming, confidence and elocution by a selection of aristocrats including Lady Alexandra Roche, Sir David Roche and Sir Tobias Clarke. The Ladettes will come out alongside seven real debutantes and failure to measure up will result in public humiliation. 

In addition to preparing for the Ball the girls must pass exams in all subjects in order to graduate. They’ve got just four days left to perfect their flower-arranging, elocution, deportment, and to make a gigantic seven-tiered cake which will be on display at the ball threatening to collapse spectacularly if they get it wrong.

Which Ladette will finally be crowned a ‘Lady’?

Wednesday 21st January

This week the teachers leave the five Ladettes alone at Eggleston Hall to host a country house weekend. They will be provided with domestic staff including a butler and must lay on two days of well-planned hospitality for a selection of eligible bachelors.

Leaving the Ladettes in charge of Eggleston Hall is a huge gamble and there’s little sign they are up to the challenge. Taken to a smart bar in Harrogate by Etiquette teacher Liz Brewer the Ladettes get plastered and Essex Hairdresser Frances Rowe flashes her breasts.

On Friday morning the staff leave the school and Frances Rowe is left in charge of the key. She’s determined to prove that she could be ‘Lady of the Manor’ but Scouser Louise Porter has other ideas and starts drinking almost as soon as the teachers have gone. 

By the time the guests arrive Louise is getting out of control and after dinner she tries to get everyone to play a risqué game called Bottom’s which involves blindfolding the bachelors and making them feel their hostess’s bottoms. Frances is having none of it and decorum briefly prevails. But the tension erupts in an ugly catfight in the early hours and the Frances and Louise have to be separated by their appalled guests.

Does this signal the end of the journey for either Frances or Louise?

WEDNESDAY 14th January

In this episode, the remaining 6 Ladettes are set their most demanding and exciting challenge yet, they have the chance to be chalet girls in Switzerland.

In true Eggleston Hall tradition the head of a Chalet girl recruitment company, Cleone Stenhouse returns to the finishing school after many years, to recruit some new blood.

Cleone only has three jobs in Verbier, so the remaining three girls willl have to stay at Eggleston Hall. The girls learn to make beds, clean and cook in altitude, in preparation for their interviews with Cleone. Clara, Victoria and Fran are ecstatic when they hear that they have got the jobs. They set off to the Ski resort of Verbier.

The chosen Ladettes soon find out that they have got their work cut out being a chalet girl, but still manage to indulge in some Apres Ski. Meanwhile the girls back at Eggleston have been set a strict regime of work and are rewarded with a quiet drink at the pub, but the girls just can’t resist the lure of the local nightclub and local men.

Who will be the Ladette to leave this week?

Wednesday 17th December

This week in Ladette to Lady, the girls face their biggest challenge yet – to host a dinner party for over twenty guests. The girls will have to cook a three course meal, including home made ravioli and engastrated fowl, a goose stuffed with eight other birds.

The Ladettes are given a makeover, hairdressers to royalty Judy and Mimo Russo arrive at Eggleston Hall to transform them into sophisticated ladies.

But a pub trip jeopardises one girl’s opportunity to join the dinner party festivities and socialise with the guests.

And once again, another girl will be asked to leave Eggleston Hall.


Eggleston Hall finishing school re-opens and invites some of Britain’s worst Ladettes to enrol. As the Ladettes arrive, the Eggleston Hall teachers soon realise that they have been set a huge challenge. 

The new girls are stripped of all their ‘Ladette’ clothes and piercings, and from now on at all times must wear the Eggleston Hall Uniform, tweed suits and pearls. 

As the strict regime of lessons begins the Ladettes find that finishing school is going to be a lot harder than they had anticipated. 

The Ladettes introduction to high society comes in an invitation from the Cunliffe-Listers to a shooting weekend at their grand stately home, Burton Agnes Hall. The lure of alcohol and a wide selection of eligible bachelors is too much for some of the girls.

Back at Eggleston Hall, the first of the weekly assessments are a lot harder than the Ladettes had imagined, the teachers do not hold back in their criticism and one Ladette is shown the door.


Take ten of Britain’s worst ladettes, chuck them into an old-fashioned finishing school and watch in horror as the girls attempt
to transform into perfect ladies. Welcome to Ladette to Lady – Britain’s attempt to tame its wildest young rebels.

In all new episodes, exclusive to Prime, the series follows a group of loud, foul-mouthed, uncultured and often unpleasant young women, who are given an old-fashioned five-week course in learning how to behave like a real lady. They are sent to Eggleston Hall, a finishing school for women, where they are required to wear a special uniform: a tweed suit including a turquoise jacket, white blouse, and turquoise skirt, high-heeled shoes and a pearl necklace.

Taught under the supervision and guidance of five very qualified instructors, including chef Rosemary Shrager, the ladettes and are given various tasks in deportment, elocution, needle-work, flower arranging, etiquette and cookery. However, if they can’t cut the mustard and start acting like a lady, they will be expelled.

The series’ finale sees the resurrection of the legendary Queen Charlotte’s Ball – the traditional start to the Season, when white-gowned debutantes ‘came out’ at court. The grandest people in the country will attend the ball and the ladettes will have to show off everything they’ve learned in front of this intimidating crowd.

10th December 2008 • 9.30pm on PRIME