Land of the Kiwi

Wednesday 30 April at 7pm

New Zealand is home to a variety of remarkable plants and animals; among them species like the Tuatara and Weta, the Kauri and the Kiwi. Land of the Kiwi charts the geological history of these islands and looks at how the changing landscape has shaped many of the natural features, animals and plants we take for granted today. Land of the Kiwi screens on Wednesday 30 April at 7pm.

So far from anywhere, New Zealand sits alone near the Antarctic in the world’s greatest ocean. Legend has it that a god fished these islands from the sea when the world was young.
The wildlife is so different in New Zealand to anywhere else in the world. We have strange insects, frogs that carry their young, birds that cannot fly, namely the Kiwi, the national symbol of New Zealand because it is so unique.

Land of the Kiwi explores our world and explains the extraordinary link between an isolated land and its unusual plant and animal life.