Landscape Man

LIVING – Fridays from 25 November, 10pm

This major new show from the creator of Grand Designs follows remarkable people creating breath-taking landscape gardens. These enthusiastic amateur gardeners are unafraid to tackle nature on an epic scale. They spend a year of their lives completely reshaping their land, and the results are always incredible. Renowned gardening expert, landscape gardener and presenter Matthew Wilson follows the gardeners from start to finish and brings a wealth of knowledge to help the owners achieve their dreams.

7:30pm – Saturday, July 24 on TV 3

From the creator of Grand Designs, Matthew Wilson’s brand new series Landscape Man is coming to New Zealand screens when the series premieres on Saturday, July 24th at 7:30pm on 3.

Each episode of Landscape Man follows a different garden being created from start to finish – personal visions on private land.

Filmed from autumn and winter mud through spring to summer glory, it features a number of remarkable characters who are passionate enough to spend a year of their time reshaping their lands.

“Having gardening represented in a different way than just the back garden shows such as Gardeners’ World and seeing something a bit bigger has got to be a good thing for the industry,” Wilson explains to HW about the series’ unique premise.

Each week, Wilson will meet passionate gardeners who are unafraid to tackle nature on the grand scale. Each project will cover acres of land, involve serious earthworks, engineering and heavy landscaping.

“These landscaping novices will dig out entire new lakes, carve canyons twice, plant hundreds of trees and move mountains of earth,” says Wilson.

But will all this hard work translate into a stunning garden or a sorry mess? Find out when Landscape Man premieres on Saturday, July 24th at 7:30pm on 3.