Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

If you’re at work, you might want to put your headphones on for this one.

Peter Dunne is the latest to offer an opinion on the departure of Campbell Live:

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne is lamenting the loss of broadcaster John Campbell from TV3, which he says shows the channel “is really all about ratings and entertainment, ahead of quality and information.”

Spare me. Let’s think about HBO for a moment. HBO is all about entertainment with epic shows like Game of Thrones and yet Last Week Tonight with John Oliver manages to go crusading against some of America’s biggest corporations, regularly taking them to task. It’s comedy but it’s news and regularly it breaks stories and challenges the status quo.

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Over the weekend, the Americans put their clocks forward a weekend as Daylight Savings Time came into effect. As we ourselves get closer to our annual autumnal time changes as we put our clocks backwards for the dark, winter months, this latest How is this still a thing segment from the ever brilliant Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is quite relevant.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has noticed that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue still exists but can’t quite figure out why.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returned last night and among other things, paid homage to the closure of another legacy business, Radio Shack.

John Oliver did a brave thing on Last Week Tonight and took on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. It’s a highly entertaining, and informative, watch.

HBO’s This Week Tonight with John Oliver returns in February but if you’re missing his commentary, as I am, here’s something to help tide you over:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has to be one of my favourite shows at the moment. Here he is from last night’s show, having a go at John Key over his flag referendum.