Len Brown

len-brown-resignOne News have some footage from an interview with Auckland Mayor Len Brown today where Lisa Owen asks him whether he’s going to resign.  This is the first instance that he doesn’t say no.

LO: What do you think of the views of these people here, behind you?

LB: They’re expressing their own view democratically and I accept that and acknowledge it.

LO: How determined are you to stay in position as the mayor of Auckland?

LB: Oh, I think that we will just, um, await for an assessment of the council tomorrow and then we’ll go from there.

LO: Are you determined to stay on in your job or are you considering resigning?

LB: Look, I’m just listening to what has been said and then we’ll reflect on the final decision tomorrow from the council

LO: Are you leaving the door open then to resignation, it sounds like you are? Continue reading »

It’s been a very newsy start to the week and it doesn’t seem to be stopping yet with the announcement that John Banks will stand trial over the Kim Dotcom donation.  Monday saw John Campbell interview Simon Bridges in the studio and then Maori Television’s Native Affairs were finally able to broadcast their investigation into allegations of financial mismanagement within the Kohanga Reo Trust.  Tuesday saw Len Brown’s affair, his subsequent confession and then apology.

Each of these stories have been reasonably big talking points within the media but I wanted to know how it translated into ratings and ondemand viewing. Continue reading »