Let’s Get Inventin’

4:30pm Sunday, October 28 on TV2

Mad scientists and crazy contraptions collide in the exciting season finale of Let’s Get Inventin’.

This season, Let’s get Inventin’ has seen some incredible inventions from the nine young and talented Kiwi inventors. Contraptions include the Soccerbike, the Jet Skimboard, the Mailbox Protector, the Vege Blaster, the Nerf Sucker and more.

Today, a group of very special judges including the AJ Park Patent Attorney, the Icehouse Business Incubator and famous New Zealand entrepreneur, The Mad Butcher, will pick a winning invention.

Which young inventor will win the $10,000 patent prize package?

4:30pm Sunday, September 30 on TV2

Count your lucky chickens! Let’s Get Inventin’ has a brand new invention that will have you clucking with delight.

Ten-year-old Leina Janson from Hastings makes an extraordinary invention for chicken famers. The ‘Cluck-N-Go-Fast’ is a quick way to scoop up the chicks and get them safely into the coup without any fuss!

In today’s ‘Goober Challenge’, Leina must collect 100 chickens and get them all into the coup with her brand-spanking-new invention, to see if it’s up to scratch.

4:30pm Sunday, August 26 on TV2

Double double cauldron bubble! Young inventors take their ideas to the lab where they are turned into crazy contraptions in the brand new season of Let’s Get Inventin’.

Hosted by Clinton Randall (Just The Job) and man-powered by stuntman and mad-scientist Mr Metal (AKA Chriss Stapp, Back Of The Y), Kiwi kids aged between nine and 17 get the chance to become genuine inventors with their very own patent.

The young inventors are put together with some of the greatest inventors in the country and, in half an hour their ideas are brought to by building prototypes and testing out some of the wildest gadgets ever seen.

This season brings high powered explosions, high flying stunts and fiery crash-landings.The fearless Mr Metal tests out some extreme inventions, like strapping explosive boots to his foot, catapulting himself over twenty feet in the air without a net, and controlling a chainsaw wielding robot.

5:00pm Sunday, February 14 on TV2

The show that brings Kiwi kids’ wildest ideas to life is back, as Let’s Get Inventin’ returns to TV2 for a brand new run.

This year, Clinton Randell (One Night Only) is the new Build Buddy who, assisted by the off-the-wall Dr Robotech (robotics engineer Chris Chitty), helps the kids bring their crazy inventions to life.

Fresh from hosting One Night Only on TV2, Randell was thrilled to come aboard on the fourth series of the madcap inventing show.

“I loved the show already, so it was a pleasure to come on as the new Build Buddy,” Randell says. “I had a brilliant time working with Dr Robotech and the kids – I get to do such a variety of inventions that no two days were the same.”

Randell was impressed by the range of ideas that came out of the show, ranging from the truly useful, to the totally insane.

“This year’s show is bigger and better than ever before. I haven’t got a clue where the kids get their ideas from, it’s really astounding. We had the biggest laughs bringing them all to life in our own crazy way.”

Randell, who also hosts Just The Job, was unable to choose his favourite invention from the huge range of ideas covered in the ten-week run.

“I really can’t pick a favourite, there are too many. We have everything from a musical road that plays Tiki Taane, to a flying hat, and Smell-o-Vision. It’s going to be a brilliant series.”

This week, keen fisherman Madison von Sitter from Rotorua experiments with rockets and gunpowder to fuel a high-powered fishing rod dubbed the bait rifle. The 11-year-old wanted to invent a fishing rod that would fire his fishing line far out to sea so he could catch lots of fish.

Clinton and the Let’s Get Inventin’ team are on the case, and experiment with a rocket that fires his bait and line 400 miles out to sea, and a high powered rifle fitted with a special bait grenade launcher – the fish don’t stand a chance.

Tuesday 13 January, 5.30pm on TV6

Hosted by Sam Britten (son of John Britten, the maverick motorcycle designer), Let’s Get Inventin’ matches up young inventors with experienced designers, and high-profile celebrities as mentors. Personalities such as King Kapisi, Jonah Lomu, David Tua, Jason Gunn, and Sir Richard Hadlee all lend their time to encourage these young creative minds.

New Zealand has a long and proud history of pioneering the way in inventive concepts… and why should it be left to the grown-ups to come up with the ideas?

In Let’s Get Inventin’ 24 Kiwi kids with cool ideas get together with some of the best inventors in the country to bring their inventions to life. Rocket-powered ice skates, a six-legged walking car and a jet-powered hover skateboards are but a few of the incredible inventions made over the course of this show.

Sunday 21 September, 5pm

Let’s Get Inventin’ works with Jennifer Beckham, a young surfer with attitude. Tired of paddling for ages over giant waves, 14-year-old Jennifer came up with concept for the Super Surfer, a jet-propelled surfboard to help young surfers catch waves more easily, and make surfing more fun!

Don’t miss Let’s Get Inventin’ Sunday at 5pm to see an exciting kiwi invention in action!

Sunday 21 September, 5pm

Let’s Get Inventin’ teams young inventors with technical experts, helping to make their creations a reality. The programme demonstrates the spirit of kiwi ingenuity is alive and well in New Zealand youth.

This week, Let’s Get Inventin’ works with Jennifer Beckham, a young surfer with attitude. Tired of paddling for ages over giant waves, 14-year-old Jennifer came up with the concept for the Super Surfer, a jet-propelled surfboard to help young surfers catch waves more easily, and make surfing more fun!

Let’s Get Inventin’ producer Luka Nola believes the Super Surfer has real potential. He explains, “Jennifer not only has a cool idea, she has the personality and drive to take her invention to market. Proving she’s got what it takes, Jennifer already has big ideas on how to get the Super Surfer up and running as a commercial product that kids can buy.”

Primal Surf Takapuna got right behind the design and the owner, Glenn, assisted Jennifer in building a long board from scratch. After the basic board construction was completed, local inventor Steve Lowery helped Jennifer build a custom mini-electric jet unit for the surfboard, powered by a car starter motor and two 12 volt batteries.

Nola says the invention is quite unique. “Jennifer Beckham’s Super Surfer is the first regular surfboard with a jet unit. It is light, manoeuvrable and eco-friendly in that it’s electric powered not petrol driven like jetskis and other one-person jet craft. Jennifer faces an exciting future with this invention in that it has the potential to expand the surfing market to all kids, giving everyone a taste for the surf,” says Nola.

Each week the young inventor featured on Let’s Get Inventin’ must face a ‘Goober Challenge’ in order to prove their invention works. Nola says the Super Surfer well and truly passed the test. “Being a Westie petrolhead, our presenter Geoff Bell had literally never surfed before in his life, so what a perfect Goober Challenge to get Geoff up and surfing for the first time ever,” says Nola. “If Jennifer could get him up on a wave then it proves that the machine will work for anybody. Sure enough, it pushed Geoff along at a rate just faster than the wave itself, enough to get up and catch the crest before it breaks. How this works is that once up and running the motor cuts out and the surfer takes over.”

Don’t miss Let’s Get Inventin’ this Sunday at 5pm to see an exciting kiwi invention in action!

Sunday 24 August, 5pm

New Zealand is world famous for creating amazing ideas and turning them into a commercial reality. The young inventors on TV2’s award-winning series Let’s Get Inventin’ prove kiwi ingenuity is alive and well.

This year the show sets out to entertain New Zealand with ten more astounding inventions. Kids with wild ideas are teamed with invention experts and given everything they need to make their concepts a reality.
Let’s Get Inventin’s creator, Luke Nola loves working on the show. “What makes it great is that kids don’t know what can’t be done. Like great inventors, they don’t even think about how things might not work. Kids just draw it and expect it to be real. We help them make these wild ideas for real and that’s where the magic starts.”

Nola believes the future of New Zealand’s prosperity lies in new ideas and the technology we invent. “From Burt Munroe to John Britten; Hamilton Jet through to Glenn Martin and his amazing Martin Jetpack in the USA, New Zealanders can be the best in the world at thinking up new stuff. That’s how simple it really is. What better place to start doing this than with kids who have the best imaginations ever.”

Each week on the show after presenting their idea, the young inventors head to the Invention Workshop, where host and build-buddy Geoff Bell helps them work on their creation. Ranging from the ages of eight to sixteen, the boys and girls enter the workshop with an idea, drawing or concept and leave having built their own working prototype. They also have a new-found knowledge of practical skills, such as the basics of welding, electronics and metal fabrication.

From the 10 inventions made on the show, A J Park Patent attorneys will identify unique ideas that are potentially patentable. In the season finale, the young inventor with the best sales pitch and idea will be awarded the Patent Prize Package worth $10,000 from A J Park and the Icehouse Business Incubator.

Let’s Get Inventin’ has won a Qantas Media Award two years running. The New Zealand-born format has been licensed and made in the UK by the BBC where it was the second most popular children’s show on BBC1 in its first run. National Geographic have picked up the NZ show internationally and it is represented by ABC Kids in Australia.

New Zealand is truly a country of innovators and what better way to celebrate that than to see the next generation of young inventors having fun by realising their dreams. Be watching TV2 on Sunday 24 August at 5pm.

Each episode is then repeated the following Saturday at 9.30am.

Let’s Get Inventin’ Winner announced

This has been an amazing season for family-favourite, Let’s Get Inventin’, and now TV2 is proud to announce the winner of the overall grand-prize – Toby Heeringa!

On Sunday 16 December, four Let’s Get Inventin’ finalists were announced, and were ready to bring their ideas into the studio to pitch them to the panel of expert judges – a bit like the series Dragon’s Den, except the kids have only one minute to sell their idea!
The finalists were chosen by the judges based on the patentability and commercial potential of their invention idea. The judges were; Duncan Ledwith from ICE Accelerator business development group, AJ Park partner Anton Blijlevens, and young inventor Kent Hodgson. At stake for the winning young inventor was the amazing $10,000 Patent Prize Package from A J Park and The Icehouse, which Prime Minister Helen Clark was on hand to present.

Toby Heeringa, aged 10 from Auckland, was ecstatic with his win, saying; “I’m going to start producing my invention, and hopefully start selling them.” His invention is a device called the Choo-Choob, which is a toy designed around an asthma inhaler which makes it fun for kids to take their medication – and much less intimidating. Toby has asthma and remembers disliking his ordinary inhaler; plus his young sister is another asthmatic and was on hand to test-drive the Choo-Choob.

The Let’s Get Inventin’ series made it possible for Toby to realise his great idea, along with 13 other young inventors – many of whom will no doubt be going on to successes of their own. The three runners-up who joined Toby in front of the judging panel also had incredible inventive ideas that were turned into reality. Melanie Ansell, aged 10 from New Plymouth, built The Gyminator – a device that turns the energy used on exercise equipment into reusable energy for the national grid. Eldon Bennet, aged nine, invented an Electronic Money-Bank; which digitally keeps count of how much you’ve saved while displaying an image of the goal you are saving for. Andrew Wordsworth, aged 12, invented Acoustic Apparel; clothing that makes people feel – as well as hear – music when hooked up to an mp3 player.

All four finalists, along with many of the other inventors featured in the series, will go on to great success with their original ideas. Judge Anton Blijlevens says; “They could go worldwide – there’s one or two in there I can see good potential.” While the kids themselves have taken away great lessons for the future; as Toby says; “I’ve learned that you can’t do everything in inventing… and that it’s lots of fun!”

Let’s Get Inventin’ will return to TV2 in 2008 – entries for this third series must be sent to: The Goober Institute, PO Box 90 155, Auckland; by 30 January. Entry forms are found at www.younginventors.tv

Just The Job & Let’s Get Inventin’ Saturday 27 October & Sunday 28 October

This weekend on TV2, check out the ambitious, creative and clever Kiwi kids who are featured on local favourites Just The Job and Let’s Get Inventin’.

While series two of Let’s Get Inventin’ is proving that young New Zealanders do have the best ideas in the world, Just The Job is coming up with ways we can all make the most of our skills to find the perfect career. On Saturdays at 4.00pm Just The Job steps in to give young Kiwis a behind-the-scenes look at a range of occupations, with teens trying on different job options for size. Then on Sundays at 5.00pm, Let’s Get Inventin’ teams up kids with wild ideas with all sorts of technical experts, to make their unique concepts reality.
This week Just The Job presenter Clinton Randell checks out three very different, but equally hands-on, careers. Thomas Duncan (16), from Featherston, wants to try commercial fishing, he figures, who wouldn’t want to fish all day for a living? James Tauapou Ikifitu (15), from Western Springs, has an interest in the plumbing business, but wasn’t aware of the variety it offers until he spends some time on the job. And Tui Shepheard (16) loves high-end cars, so decides that a glimpse into the world of auto-finishing Porsches, Maserattis and Ferraris could be the perfect occupation for her.

With 360 hooks to be baited and set, Thomas discovers a day on the water can be fun but involves lots of hard work too. He also learns fishing is a job for the early riser! James discovers that if he chooses plumbing when he leaves school, his skills could be in high demand as an industry labour shortage is expected. Meanwhile Tui has to ask herself whether or not she has the technical mind and eye for detail required for the work she has chosen.

Let’s Get Inventin’ this Sunday asks a question that is slightly less practical: wouldn’t it be great to strap on a device and just take off like Superman? Eight-year-old Kenan Grant from Hamilton thinks it would be amazing. He and Build Buddy Geoff Bell join forces with a range of fun-loving experts to create The Flying Pack, so Kenan can fly to the shops, to school, or anywhere!

Kenan thinks The Flying Pack would solve the traffic problem and be a whole lot of fun as well. Powered by two jet turbine engines, the team build a powerful yet lightweight device capable of lifting his weight. Jet pilot Flight Lieutenant Craig Abela drops in to give advice, and stunt safety guy Mark Harris is on hand to make sure the first test flight is executed safely – giving Kenan his very own flameproof flying suit. Hopefully he will get off the ground!

TV2 is encouraging Kiwi ingenuity and ambition every weekend with Just The Job, Saturday 27 October at 4.00pm, and Let’s Get Inventin’, Sunday 28 October at 5.00pm.