Let’s Talk

Sunday, June 19 at 7:30pm on Stratos

Justin Timberlake did it and now Let’s Talk’s Lindsey Dawson is bringing sexy back. Comedian and sex therapist Pamela Stephenson Connolly is better known for being the wife and biographer of famous funny-man Billy Connolly, but Pamela heats things up by talking about all things sexy. With advice on everything from getting through dry spells to healthy attitudes towards sex, Pamela throws in hilarious real-life examples from her new book Sex life to make your Sunday night just that little bit warmer.

Every Sunday at 7:30pm on Stratos

New to Stratos is New Zealand’s only women’s talk show Let’s Talk. It’s uniquely Kiwi and the only show to deal with the real issues women face within New Zealand. On March 21, host and well known journalist Lindsey Dawson interviews internationally acclaimed writer, performer and comic genius Deb Filler. Having tackled the world stage, Deb discusses her amazing career, her life and what it takes to be a successful New Zealand comic actor in the international market.

Fridays at 7pm on Triangle and Mondays at 5pm on Stratos

New Zealand’s own women’s talk show LET’S TALK! Is hosted by well known journalist Lindsey Dawson. With panel discussions on all the things that matter to Kiwi women, celebrity guests and a weekly book review with Carole Beu from the Women’s Bookshop, LET’S TALK! is all about great women and their take on the issues of the day.