UKTV – Mondays from 23 April, 8.30pm

Kevin Whately (The English Patient; Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) returns as much-loved detective Inspector Robbie Lewis in four new episodes of this ratings-winning drama set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. The series also stars Laurence Fox (Gosford Park; Elizabeth: The Golden Age) as Lewis’ younger sidekick, Hathaway.

8:40pm Saturday, December 10 on Prime


Responding to complaints from a local vicar about a disturbance of the peace, Lewis and Hathaway visit the mansion of rock legend Richie Maguire. As they arrive, Lewis notices a dent in the iron gates and a dark stain on the road. Once inside, Lewis comes face to face with the rock icons from his youth and is awe struck to learn that Esme Ford, the band’s lead singer, has just resurfaced after being presumed dead for over thirty years. As they leave, Lewis receives a call to say that the body of a young orphan, Lucas Emerson, has been found nearby. Realising that the boy died after being hit by a car, and that flakes of anti-rust paint were found on his body, Lewis immediately recalls the suspicious scene outside Richie’s mansion.

Lewis’ hunch proves correct, and the stain by the gates matches Lucas’ blood. But upon checking the vehicles owned by the band, Lewis and Hathaway find nothing incriminating. However, they do discover that the band’s groupie, Bone, has thousands of pounds in cash stuffed beneath the passenger seat of his car…

SUNDAY 3rd December 8.40pm


Lewis and Hathaway are called in to investigate the death of a man found beaten and drowned in his bath. By the body they discover a postcard bearing the cryptic message ‘It was no dream’. Taking the name Stephen Mullan from the victim’s work I.D, Hathaway learns that Mullan was a religious fanatic and ex heroin addict, who had recently been released from prison after a drink driving incident. But Lewis remembers the case, and explains that it was more complicated than it first appeared. In fact Mullan had attempted to kill Oxford physics don turned celebrity atheist Tom Rattenbury. Tracing the mysterious postcard back to the Ashmolean Museum, Lewis learns that the quote ‘It was no dream’ comes from a Thomas Wyatt poem, a famous lover’s rebuke. But who was Mullan’s secret lover…?

8:40pm Saturday, November 26 on Prime


The Quality of Mercy

Lewis and Hathaway are called in to investigate the murder of Richard Scott, a rising star of the Oxford theatre scene. While playing Shylock in a student production of The Merchant of Venice, Scott is found murdered backstage with a prop knife sticking from his chest. A note found by the body reads ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’ which Hathaway identifies as a quote from Hamlet. Lewis and Hathaway are struck by the lack of grief amongst the cast, in particular Emma Golding, the fiercely ambitious director. Golding is quick to replace Scott and insists that the show must go on. While Lewis is interviewing members of the audience, Professor Denise Gregson reveals that Scott was an unpopular womaniser who borrowed money from people all over Oxford. And Hathaway becomes suspicious of ex-military man Simon Monkford, who seems a little too eager to present his ticket as his alibi.

8:40pm Saturday, November 19 on Prime


Allegory of Love

Lewis and Hathaway are brought in to investigate the murder of Marina Hartner, found by the river bank, brutally murdered with what seemingly was an antique Persian mirror. The murderer had left a bloodstained note on it and written the word ‘Uqbara’. Hamid Jassim, a university lecturer, specialising in Comparative Religion confirms that the mirror is his. Jassim believes someone must have stolen it from his college room, after he had left to attend Dorian Crane’s book launch at the Randolph hotel. Unfortunately for the police, anyone could have taken it as its college practice to leave doors unlocked. Dr Jem Wishart identifies Marina’s body and says that she had registered with his practice when she arrived from the Czech Republic. Interestingly, the post mortem report reveals that Marina had consensual sex the night of her murder, but there’s no evidence or witnesses to suggest who she might have been with. Will Lewis and Hathaway be able to find out who it is?

8:35pm Saturday, August 20 on Prime


Falling Darkness

On Halloween, a university friend of pathologist Laura Hobson is found dead with a stake through her heart, and Lewis and Hathaway are approached by a physic medium who claims that they are in grave danger. The next day a student is murdered in the house that Hobson shared with her friends at university, and a clue ‘from beyond the grave’ at the crime scene leads Lewis and Hathaway to a third victim. As the body count rises, Lewis and Hathaway are forced to acknowledge that Laura Hobson might know more about these deaths than she is letting on…

8:30pm Saturday, August 13 on Prime


Your Sudden Death Question

Inspector Robbie Lewis and his trusty side-kick DS Hathaway return for another gripping murder mystery. In tonight’s episode, Lewis and Hathaway are called to Chaucer College during the August bank holiday weekend when the body of Ethan Croft is found floating in the college fountain. Hobson reveals that the victim had been attending a quiz weekend on the college grounds hosted by quiz aficionado Marcus Richards (Q.I.’s Alan Davies stars as Marcus – see Q.I. Wednesday nights on Prime). Richards reveals that there are twelve competitors taking part in the weekend, all of whom are hoping to take home the grand prize of $5000.

Croft, a primary school teacher, had taken the lead on the first night of the quiz and had then spent the rest of the evening flirting boisterously in the college bar with two young female competitors – Eve Rigby and Robyn Strong. After questioning both women Lewis learns that Robyn Strong had attended school with Croft but he had failed to remember her, and that both women had been invited on a midnight tour of the college by the rather predatory Croft. However, both women deny accepting his invitation for a nightcap in his room. As the college is empty of students and all quizzers had planned to spend the weekend on the college grounds, Lewis tells the college porter Lester Garvey to keep the main gates locked. Lewis and Hathaway must now race to uncover the killer before the weekend is over and the quizzers are free to return home.

8:35pm Saturday, July 16 on Prime


The Dead Of Winter

Inspector Robbie Lewis and his trusty side-kick DS Hathaway are back in a brand new series! Packed with loads of drama these four new murder mysteries will have you guessing until the very end! In tonight’s episode a body is found on a tour bus and Hathaway is tasked with retracing the sightseeing tour. Lewis is worried about his partner – Hathaway has been giving evidence at a murder trial in which he found the remains of a 10 year old girl. The investigations lead Hathaway to Crevecoeur Hall. He knows the sprawling estate very well as he spent much of his childhood as the son of the Estate Manager, and bumps into the glamorous Scarlett Mortmaigne, the daughter of the Marquess of Tygon and the owner of Crevecoeur.

Scarlett flirts with Hathaway – they knew each other as children and clearly still hold a torch for one another. Visiting the house, Hathaway learns from August Mortmaigne, the current Marquess, that his nephew Philip Coleman was wounded during a recent Civil War re-enactment. The following morning events take an unexpected twist and Hathaway starts to question if the family could be involved. A truth buried for many years is about to be revealed, putting both detectives in grave danger…

UKTV – Mondays from 11 July, 8.30pm

The second series of the hit Inspector Morse spin-off reunites Detective Inspector Robert Lewis, his young partner Detective Sergeant James Hathaway and pathologist Dr Laura Hobson.

In this second series havoc reigns in the religious community of Oxford risking the emotional and physical well being of DS Hathaway. The worlds of no-rules boxing, Oxford dons and Cold War intrigue combine with consequences surprisingly close to home and the talents of an obsessive painter with a photographic memory lie at the heart of a murder in the Bodleian library.

Starring: Kevin Whately (The English Patient; Auf Wiedersehen, Pet), Laurence Fox (Gosford Park; The Hole) and Clare Holman (Prime Suspect 6; The Innocent).

UKTV – Mondays from 13 June, 8.30pm

The heavily anticipated detective drama follow-up to the hugely acclaimed Inspector Morse series.

Five years after Morse’s death, Lewis – now promoted to inspector – returns to his old stomping ground of the university city of Oxford after an attachment on the British Virgin Islands. Even before Lewis can get home from the airport, he and his new, much younger colleague Hathaway are diverted by the flashing blue lights and police activity of a murder scene, centred on the death by a single bullet of an American college student. Another student, Danny Griffon, is suspected of being involved – and he had a brush with the law some years previously, investigated by a certain Inspector Morse.

Starring: Kevin Whately (The English Patient; Auf Wiedersehen, Pet), Laurence Fox (Gosford Park; The Hole) and Clare Holman (Prime Suspect 6; The Innocent).