Starts tonight!

Saturday 3RD May at 8.30pm

A critically-acclaimed new Inspector Morse spin-off with Kevin Whately returning to the Robbie Lewis role that made him a household name.

This time the Oxford policeman has a new, younger partner – and a female boss – as he investigates the murder of an American college student.

Whately starred with John Thaw in the long-running Inspector Morse and first appeared on screen as Robbie Lewis in 1987.

In November 2000, Thaw and Kevin made their farewell appearance as Britain’s favourite detective duo, in the dramatisation of Colin Dexter’s final novel The Remorseful Day, in which Morse collapsed in an Oxford college quad and later died in hospital. This was the 33rd Inspector Morse film and the culmination of one of British television’s biggest-ever successes, which began on screen in January 1987. John Thaw died in February 2002 at the age of 60.

This series picks up the story five years after the death of Morse, with Lewis – now an Inspector – returning to the Thames Valley police and his stomping ground of the university city of Oxford.

Back in the UK from a two-year attachment on the British Virgin Islands, Lewis finds himself teamed up with the much younger Hathaway, and reporting to a new boss in the figure of Chief Supt Jean Innocent, played by Rebecca Front.

Also reprising her Morse role in the new drama is Clare Holman, who was introduced as pathologist Laura Hobson in the 1995 film The Way Through The Woods and subsequently appeared in four Morse films.

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A critically-acclaimed British detective drama made as a spin-off from the hugely popular Inspector Morse, and set in Oxford. Kevin Whately reprises his character Robert Lewis, who had been Morse’s sidekick in the original series, and is now the boss of DS James Hathaway.