Life After People

7:30pm Thursday, November 4 on Prime


Waters Of Death

Destructive waters overtake the world we leave behind on tonight’s final of Life After People. Rain floods New Orleans again, and when power goes out in the city’s aquarium it spells doom for thousands of animals. Meanwhile corrosion from rain brings down Seattle’s Space Needle, while humidity in the Middle East wrecks Dubai’s space-age structures.

7:30pm Thursday, October 28 on Prime


The Road To Nowhere

Tonight we look into the post-apocalyptic fate of our cars, planes and roads in Life After People. Oil refineries turn into time bombs and in the Motor City, harsh northern winters dismantle auto headquarters. Meanwhile in Texas, the Alamo succumbs to a new invader. Tonight we also witness how animals adapt: armadillos spread, some dogs rekindle their hunting instincts, and long-horn cattle flourish once again.

7:30pm Thursday, October 21 on Prime


Armed And Defenceless

Tonight we learn of the fate of mankind’s machinery of war: a sunken nuclear missile explodes, Pearl Harbour comes under renewed attacks, snow causes urban avalanches, and dairy cows are threatened. Tonight’s episode also features Denver, Hawaii, and a mysterious abandoned island near New York City.

7:30pm Thursday, September 30 on Prime


Sin City Meltdown

Tonight we look at the apocalyptic future of our gambling meccas. In Las Vegas, a new rat pack takes over, wax figures of celebrities melt, and iconic hotels crumble. In Atlantic City, the ocean tears apart casinos, but the boardwalk refuses to be destroyed.

7:30pm Thursday, September 23 on Prime


Bound And Buried

The fate of the treasures left entombed, like the mysterious Doomsday Vault, the Mona Lisa, and the Declaration of Independence are revealed tonight. Also, Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell sadly cracks for good and San Francisco’s cable cars and bridges snap!

7:30pm Thursday, September 16 on Prime


The Invaders

What if every human being on earth disappeared? This isn’t the story of how we might vanish, it’s the story of what happens to the world we leave behind. In tonight’s episode invasive animals and vines spread; pythons battle alligators, plants strip oxygen from lakes and sandstorms invade Phoenix. Without humans to hold them at bay, will anything stop ‘The Invaders?’.

7:30pm Thursday, September 9 on Prime


Heavy Metal

Once people disappear, New York City experiences its next great crash. In this episode, we reveal the breaking point of precious metals: skyscrapers face collapse, bridges hang by a steel thread; and what will become of our nation’s secret stash of gold? Meanwhile, a fatal weakness is exposed in the Gateway Arch, breweries reveal untapped potential for disaster, and horses make a surprising bid to stay alive in a life after people.

7:30pm Thursday, September 2 on Prime

Capital Threat


In tonight’s episode of Life After People, Washington DC and Los Angeles is under attack from nature. Wilted palm trees help spread a massive inferno, while another capital emerges in the Pacific Ocean. What will survive and what will be destroyed forever?

7:30pm Thursday, August 26 on Prime



Pigs break loose, rabies spreads and the Chicago river reverses on tonight’s second episode of Life After People. Also, we learn the fate of Big Ben, the Queen’s pet corgis, and Chicago’s tallest buildings. Tonight’s episode is a journey that will take us to the future of Chicago, Atlanta and London, as well as haunting locations already devoid of man. This isn’t the story of how we might vanish – it’s the story of what happens to the world we leave behind.

HISTORY CHANNEL – Monday 5 April, 7.30pm

Life after People Series 2 continues to explore a world wiped clean of humanity, in even more vivid detail, using cinematic CGI to reveal – in scientific detail – the fate of every aspect of the man-made world. What happens to the millions of animals that supply our food? The chemicals stored in industrial complexes? Which animals take over subways? Do satellites fall to earth? Every episode will unfold in the hours, days, months and years after people disappear and will combine three to four different kinds of stories, from animal outbreaks to structural collapses, building to a unique visual finale. Life after People, the Series. Welcome to earth, population zero.