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Every day, in the jungles, grasslands, deserts and frozen wastelands, battles are won, fought and lost between carnivores and their prey. See cheetahs join forces to bring down an ostrich; a tiny stoat take on a rabbit ten times its size; elephant seal pups snatched from their nursery pool by a killer whale; the antics of a squirrel as it outwits a rattlesnake; and at an amazing 2,000 frames per second, the strike of a bulldog bat flying at 100 kph.



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Insects are the most diverse animal group on the planet. The key to their success is their unique ability to reshape themselves. They possess fearsome weapons, yet can display surprising tenderness and sophisticated behaviour. In this encore screening, take to the skies with millions of monarch butterflies in Mexico, see a beetle spray boiling chemicals at its enemies, and witness giant bees fight to the death over females.

the BOX – Thursdays from 18 February, 8.30pm

Life was his sentence. Life is what he got back.

Charlie Crews was wrongfully convicted of the triple murder of his business partner, Tom Seyboldt, and all but one of the partner’s immediate family.

Stripped of his badge and innocence, Crews was given a life sentence, where he suffered horribly.

After twelve years, Crews’ lawyer proves his innocence; he is exonerated and given a substantial settlement. Once freed, he is reinstated to the LAPD and promoted to detective in the homicide division. While fulfilling his police responsibilities, Crews attempts to reconnect with his friends and loved ones, working to put his life back together and come to grips with his place in the world. Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers) stars as complex, offbeat Detective Charlie Crews, who, thanks to close friend and attorney Constance Griffiths (Brooke Langton), returns to the force after serving time in prison for the crime he didn’t commit.

The cast also includes Sarah Shahi (Rush Hour 3) as Charlie’s sceptical, demanding partner, Robin Weigert (Deadwood) as their hard-hitting lieutenant, and Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope) as Crews’ former cellmate Ted Earley.

Was keen to see the next instalment of Life tonight only to find it’s been replaced by the new season of Bones. Thinking it seemed to end rather abruptly checked around and found an episode guide that mentioned at least 2 more episodes. These have both aired in the States already. Anyone know what is going on and when we are likely to see the rest of this great series?

What seems like a hate crime turns out to be a young man’s cry for help in this week’s thrilling episode of Life, screening Monday, February 3rd at 8:30pm on 3.

When two Persian Americans are killed and a third is kidnapped, Detective Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) believe they have a hate crime on their hands.

The detectives race to meet the kidnappers’ demands before it’s too late. What follows is a complicated scheme involving drugs, money and ultimately a young man’s desperate attempt to win his mother’s affection.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s dream about solar panels prompts him to want to buy a solar farm. Charlie’s roommate and financial advisor, Ted Early (Adam Arkin), questions his impulsive nature, however with the settlement that Charlie received from being wrongly imprisoned money issues are the least of his worries.

It is this wealth as well as Charlie’s good looks that make the detective so hard for women to resist. However, there are two ladies in the his life who have managed to keep themselves from falling for Charlie, and they are none other than his partner, Dani, and their tough lieutenant Karen Davis (Robin Weigert).

Dani and Karen, two of the female central characters of the hit series have not succumbed to Charlie’s charisma for two very different reasons.

Dani knows Charlie’s different and simply wants to understand him, Karen, on the other hand, dislikes and distrusts Charlie, and does not appreciate the fact that he is back on the job.

For Weigert, the idea of playing an unpleasant character like Karen initially made her uneasy, but after filming several episodes of Life’s first season, the 38-year-old actress feels she is gaining a better sense of Karen.

“I have trouble engaging someone without some element of supplication,” Robin told US Magazine. “I’m always hoping I will be liked, and she is not this way at all. I am finding how to sit comfortably in that authority and not be a martinet, finding a way to own it. Who I have looked to as a wonderful example is the Helen Mirren character in Prime Suspect”.

While Robin Weigert turned to other media to help toughen up her character on Life, Lewis prepared for his role by reading Joseph Wambaugh’s cop novels and going to the decommissioned prison Kilmainham, where inmates were beaten, starved and shot.

He visited other prisons as well, noting that many of the convicts had haunted looks.
“So many of them have a look in their eye like something has died inside,” Crews told US.

Is it this feeling of something dying inside Charlie that tempts him to buy a solar farm, or is it all part of a greater plan? Find out in the thrilling action-drama Life, screening Monday, February 3rd at 8:30pm on 3.

Monday, March 3rd at 8:30pm

A bizarre set of circumstances binds four people together in a situation that takes friendly neighbours to the extreme in 3’s hit police drama series Life, screening Monday, February 11th at 8:30pm on 3.
Life features a lead character, Charlie Crews, who, despite having been wrongfully imprisoned for more than a decade, has managed to go back to the world with much joy and hope.

Apparently, it was this unexpected optimism that drew actor Damian Lewis to the role.
“I thought it was an interesting point to start out from… having such a dark, bleak back story… approaching life with such optimism and joy, a sense of every moment being lived intensely and fully,” Lewis told Boston Now.

“I enjoyed the contradiction there, I enjoyed that he had found an antidote to his experience. He could be bitter, he could be vengeful, but he’s not, he chooses to be open and enthusiastic.”

Lewis also said that while the darkness of Charlie’s story is an important aspect to explore as well, ultimately, what makes him heroic is his conscious decision to live life with a positive outlook.

“He wants to get the best from life, he wants to see the best in people, and in some way that gives him a child-like quality, sometimes a naivety,” Lewis said.

Getting the opportunity to play Charlie on the hit series wasn’t as hard as fans may think. Lewis said that he was at his London home with his wife and newborn baby at the time he received the fateful phone call from the producers of the show.

“My wife and I were just kind of fantasising about moving out of London and then I got a phone call from Life’s producers saying, ‘We’d love you to be in this show, here’s the script,’” Lewis recalled. “I read it and thought it was fantastic … It was never my intention to go and do network TV in particular but I thought it was a great show.”

For Damian Lewis, the greatness of the show – and another drawing factor, for that matter – is that it has managed to set itself apart from other procedural dramas on television.

“This has an emotional life a lot of shows don’t have and it also has, apart from this conspiracy thriller theme, it has something “other”, something more poetic…” he explains.

So tune in to Life, screening Monday, February 11th at 8:30pm on 3, and find out whether Charlie is one step closer to discovering the people responsible for the conspiracy which lead to him being wrongfully imprisoned for 12 years.

Monday, February 11th 8:30pm

NBC has ordered three more episodes of its new shows “Bionic Woman,” “Chuck,” “Life,” “Journeyman” and CBS has ordered four more episodes of “Cane”, taking their seasons out to 16 or 17 episodes.

So far, only Gossip Girl on the CW has had a full season confirmed.


Life Premiere

Brand new drama Life premieres on NBC in the US on September 26.

The show is about a detective who returns to his job after serving years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers) stars as Detective Charlie Crews. Melissa Sagemiller (Sleeper Cell) plays attorney Constance Griffiths. Other cast include Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope) and Robin Weigart (Deadwood).


Life Pilot

Damien Lewis will play the lead role of a former policeman in the upcoming new quirky drama simply called “Life”.

The show is said to be about a former policeman who rejoins the force after being wrongly put in prison for years.