Lisa Williams Live

VIBE – Wednesdays from 2 February, 9.30pm

To coincide with her return visit to NZ and following her 2010 sell-out tour, everyone’s favourite British medium is back doing what she does best – connecting people with family and friends who have passed to the other side.

Quirky clairvoyant Lisa Williams returns for a second season of spookiness, where she uses her keen senses to deliver amazingly accurate readings for the live audience members she comes into contact with. Throughout the series, Williams shares stories of people wanting to be reunited with someone from their past, while offering personal observations and insights. The communications are invariably unforgettable, often healing, and are delivered with Lisa’s trademark humour and compassion. In some cases she’ll transform the lives of the people she meets, people who are seeking to connect with their dearly departed.

VIBE – Mondays from 8 February, 8.30pm

Do you want to know everything?

Join Vibe as quirky British medium, Lisa Williams, shares her amazing talent with packed auditoriums across America.

“Since I was a little girl I’ve had a wonderful gift — being able to communicate with the spirits who are no longer with us. My live shows are what I truly love doing the most. The energy from the audience is incredible. I’m always amazed by how much pain and suffering can be healed through the messages I pass on. The spirits have plenty to say. I never know what’s coming next, and that’s why I always ask, “Do you want to know everything?”

In these six exclusive episodes, a mother who has fallen to cancer reaches out to her daughter through Lisa in feisty and embarrassing ways; Lisa’s power transcends linguistic barriers as she channels the spirit of a young woman’s Polish grandparents; and the smell of smoke and alcohol usher in the spirit of a grandmother, fond of fattening up her grandchildren with pies.