Little Angels

88.1% of parents dont need a law change they need a brain .

if you watch the following programs on TV

House Of Tiny Tearaways, Little Angels, Supernanny you will see how to bring up your children without smacking them and WITHOUT KILLING THEM.

Why is it we have what seems like almost 23 hours of crap now on free to air TV each day and every time we listen to the news on TV or radio, people do not know about a program that has been screened on TV called “Little Angels”

This program shows how “we” can bring up your children without smacking giving results just as good, maybe even better than smacking.

Before you protest over the anti-smacking law been past now by our government use your brains not your mouth and watch “Little Angels” next time it gets shown on TV,

As I have seen some of these children shown on this TV series have been “gross bl**dy shits” smacking would not be called for, they needed “beating up” would be the order of the day, but bl**dy good people like Dr Tanya Byron and her team have shown us TV viewers they can be fixed without “bad temper parent management”


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