Living Channel

Sundays from December 7

Each episode, two enthusiastic contestants are challenged to spot profitable antiques and collectables in flea markets across Europe. Against the clock, they have only a few hours to spend £350 and an expert to guide them away from the junk and towards the gems that will make them money. Then it’s back to the UK to sell their items at an antiques market or car boot sale and the contestant who pockets the most money at the end of the day will win an antique treasure to go home with.

Mondays from December 29

Archaeologist Julian Richards brings the past to life as he explores how six of Great Britain’s most treasured structures were built. From Stonehenge to Concorde, the people of past Britain have left their mark on its landscape and its heritage. Richards explores the detail of these great iconic endeavours by taking us inside the minds of the original architects, designers and builders. He visits six key British structures and – using a mixture of impressive CGI techniques, the real locations and the builders’ plans – he brings the past to life, explaining how they were made and helping us to understand the motives and inspiration that went into their building.

Sundays from December 21

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are moving the goal posts! This series isn’t just about houses, Kirstie and Phil have been set massive, life-changing challenges by British go-getters who want to seize the moment and enjoy a whole new existence. This involves buying not one, but two new homes. From whole families to trailblazing couples who are desperate to ensure life doesn’t pass them by, these people are releasing the equity in their houses to play their very own get-out-of-the-mundane-lifestyle card. This is no longer about buying a couple of new homes, this is about buying a dream way of life.

THE LIVING CHANNEL – Saturday 30 August, 4.00pm

Could Fish Make My Child Smart? looks beyond the hype and examines the evidence for what the fish oil Omega 3 can and cannot do. In the first trial of its kind, nearly 300 school children were given Omega 3 supplements or a placebo. This film reveals the results and asks whether fish really could make our children smarter.

THE LIVING CHANNEL – Sunday 31 August, 6.30pm

The 2008 Chelsea Flower Show is the world’s most popular and renowned flower show, where the best in gardening and horticulture is brought together in one place, for one week in May. The huge range of different types of gardens never fails to impress.

Premiere Episodes: Escape To The Country

The Living Channel – Wednesday 6 February, 7.50pm

Ever wanted to move from the city to an idyllic rural retreat? This series helps city families, couples and individuals find their dream homes in the country. The prospective buyers are guided through every aspect of their house hunt by one of the programme’s two expert presenters. Each programme follows one move, from the beginning of the search for a suitable property to the final selection.

NZ TV Premiere: Great Australian Sandcastles

The Living Channel – Monday 4 February, 9.30pm

Do you have dreams of owning a beachside home, being able to have daily strolls across the sand and barbecues on the deck? Peter Colquhoun takes you inside Australia’s most exclusive and original beach houses. Great Australian Sandcastles enables you to walk through the home as if you were invited through the front door.

NZ TV Premiere: Millionaire Makers

The Living Channel – Saturday 27 October, 7.30pm

What happens when ordinary people become millionaires overnight? Millionaire Makers tells the inside story of what it’s really like to win a million, from the very first day.

Channel Premiere: Spa Of Embarrassing Illnesses

The Living Channel – Tuesday 16 October, 8.30pm

At her Spanish Spa, leading nutritionist Amanda Hamilton attempts to detoxify the bodies and rejuvenate the spirits of eight English people who suffer from some of society’s most embarrassing illnesses. With conditions such as psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, and excessive sweating, Amanda’s clients don’t have it easy, and they are relying on their stint in the spa to turn their lives around. With individual plans that include nutrition, therapy, meditation, yoga and massage, can Amanda transform the lives of her clients so they can face the world without embarrassment?

Human Senses

The Living Channel –Saturday 13 October, 9.30pm

This sensory romp around the globe uncovers the reasons why particular sights, sounds, smells and tastes have such powerful effects on us. How do we manage to block out intense pain? How does our sense of balance keep working under the most extreme conditions? Live action, combined with special effects, creates incredible imagery to convey the ‘feeling’ of how our senses work. Watch as your senses are put to the test!