Original Grey’s Anatomy character to return 

One of the original members of Grey’s Anatomy is set to return to the medical series this year after first appearing in the show’s first season. The character is said to arrive back at Seattle Grace Hospital in need of medical attention.

MTV execs express concern over US Skins series

MTV execs have shown their concern over the new US adaptation of teen series Skins where they feel future episodes could possibly break child pornography laws. Network bosses are concerned that some of the scenes in the series may unintentionally act as “significantly sexually suggestive”.

Former Lost actress joins Gossip Girl

Former Lost actress Sheila Kelley has signed on for a role on Gossip Girl to play the sister of one of the characters. Kelley appeared in Lost as Zoe and has had roles in the past on the likes of The Sopranos and ER.

Banks joins Modern Family

Modern Family has recruited actor Jonathan Banks to play the brother of Ed O’Neill’s Jay. Banks, who has had roles in Breaking Bad, Dexter, Castle and Lie To Me, will appear in the show’s second season early this year.

Lost actor joins new J.J. Abrams series

Former Lost actor Jorge Garcia has signed on for J.J. Abrams’ new TV project Alcatraz. Garcia, who played Hurley on Lost, has been cast as Dr Diego Soto in the new series which centres on the infamous San Francisco prison.

Musical episode for Grey’s Anatomy

Several reports are suggesting that the makers of Grey’s Anatomy are planning a musical episode of the drama series. It is understood that the episode will air in the second half of the show’s current season in the US.

Being Human scoops UK awards

New Prime drama series being Human has scooped the Best Television Drama award at the recent Writers’ Guild Awards in the UK, beating out the likes of Doctor Who to take the title. Coronation Street continued its dominance over the Continuing Drama category while mini-series Occupation picked up Best Short-Form Drama.

Cannes winner to be developed for TV

The 2008 Cannes Film Festival Grand Jury Prize winning mafia film Gomorrah is set to be developed into a TV series. The makers of the film will develop the plot into a 12 episode series with the help of Sky Italia.

Spartacus lead to be recast

The Starz network behind the Spartacus: Blood & Sand series is looking to recast the lead role of Spartacus left vacant by departed actor Andy Whitfield who is sidelined by a return of his non-Hodgkin lymphoma. A new actor will most likely fill in the role for the second season of the series which is behind schedule.

Lost actor to guest on HIMYM

Former Lost actor Jorge Garcia will make a guest appearance on the new season of How I Met Your Mother, playing an old college friend of Ted (Josh Radnor) and Marshall (Jason Segel).

Ruffalo developing drama series

Actor Mark Ruffalo is developing a new drama series in the US which will see him star and produce alongside fellow actor Anthony Edwards. The drama will be based around two partners running a crisis management firm.

Conchords make Simpsons appearance

Flight of the Conchords made their appearance on The Simpsons last night in the US, voicing characters for the cartoon. Bret and Jemaine played camp counsellors at a music camp where Lisa .and a few of the Glee kids visit.

24 showrunner developing new series

Former 24 showrunner Howard Gordon is developing a new project based on an Israeli series called Hatufim, which follows a trio of soldiers who return home after being held captive for a number of years and struggle to readapt to civilian life. Actor/director Ben Affleck is reportedly interested in directing the pilot.

Letterman in on Phoenix hoax all along

The Late Show with David Letterman writer Bill Scheft has come out saying that host David Letterman was “in” on the Joaquin Phoenix documentary hoax all along, with the actor’s outrageous appearance on the talk-show in February 2009 being planned. Filmmaker Casey Affleck admitted recently that the Phoenix project was a hoax.

Joe Jonas to guest on 90210

90210 has signed another guest star for its current season with Disney teen Joe Jonas set to make an appearance in the coming weeks. Jonas will join the likes of Adrian Grenier and Kim Kardashian in making a cameo on the drama series.

Abrams pitches series to Lost actors

J.J. Abrams has reportedly pitched a new programme to former Lost actors Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn which would centre on a couple of former black-ops agents. The pair, who played Benjamin Linus and John Locke respectively, had previously announced that they were looking to develop a new series together.

Alcatraz series picked up by Fox

J.J. Abrams new project revolving around the island prison of Alcatraz has been picked up by Fox, who will produce a pilot for the series. The series is described as “a show about mysteries, secrets and the most infamous prison of all time: Alcatraz”.

Lost actor joins Criminal Minds

Former Lost actor Sterling Beaumon will guest star on an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds. The 15-year-old, who played the young Benjamin Linus in Lost, will feature in the crime procedural as a young boy who is suspected of murdering his family.

SNL star to guest on The Middle

Saturday Night Live’s Norm MacDonald will appear on the second season of The Middle, in the comedy’s Thanksgiving episode. MacDonald will play Mike’s (Neill Flynn) brother in the episode.

Aussie uproar over “racist” ad

The Australians are up in arms over a new advertisement for the upcoming NBL basketball season which is allegedly racist towards African Americans. Take a look for yourself.

Lost actor joining NCIS

Former Lost actor Sam Anderson will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of crime show NCIS. Anderson, who played Bernard Nadler on Lost, will take on the role of a school teacher who becomes involved with the NCIS crew when on of his students of kidnapped.

Abrams and Nolan team for crime series

J.J. Abrams is teaming with The Dark Knight and The Prestige co-writer Jonah Nolan, brother of Inception director Christopher, in developing a new crime series for television. Abrams is also currently working on another drama based around Alcatraz.

Jersey Shore specials on the way

A pair of Jersey Shore specials are set to be created for MTV- the first will be a reunion show which will see the cast come together after filming the third season while the second will a behind-the-scenes feature.

Abrams working on Alcatraz series

J.J. Abrams is currently developing a new drama series based around the infamous prison island Alcatraz. Abrams will team up with a former Lost producer on the project who will also write the pilot episode.

Lie To Me loses Phifer

Lie To Me will be without series regular Mekhi Phifer for the show’s third season after the actor was forced to leave for creative reasons. Phifer’s character Special Agent Ben Reynolds will no longer be involved due to a shift in the direction of the storyline.

The Stig to go?

Following tradition, Top Gear could axe The Stig in favour of a new test driver after his identity was officially revealed yesterday following the BBC’s failed court case against HarperCollins and racing driver Ben Collins. There are rumours a new driver would be installed to keep viewers guessing.

The Office chasing Kietel

The Office’s producer Paul Lieberstein has announced his ideal pick to replace Steve Carell on the comedy series: Harvey Keitel. Lieberstein told E! Online that Kietel is “probably the only guy who could do it” and also pointed out that the veteran film actor is now doing TV.

Fallon pays tribute to departed TV favourites

Emmy Awards host Jimmy Fallon paid homage to finished TV shows Lost, 24 and Law & Order at the ceremony last night by adapting pop songs. Fallon dressed as Elton John, Billie Joe Armstrong and Boyz II Men for the various tributes, in which he poked fun at the continuity of 24 and the often confusing nature of Lost.

Trump to appear on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is bolstering its guest star ranks for the upcoming season with Ivanka Trump signing on to appear in an episode alongside her husband. The daughter of The Apprentice’s Donald Trump will play herself on the show in what is described as a “quick cameo”.

Jersey Shore cast sued

The entire cast of MTV reality series Jersey Shore is being sued by a woman who claims she was assaulted by the show’s security team. The woman asserts that she was thrown to the ground after engaging in a war of words with one of the show’s primary cast members.

Pacino expresses interest in Modern Family

Following the Emmy Awards last night, winning actor Al Pacino spoke to reporters saying he would be interested in a guest spot on Outstanding Comedy Series winner Modern Family. The actor expressed an interest on guest starring on the show in which one of his close friends – Jesse Ferguson – is a series regular.

Michael Cera developing TV series

Michael Cera is developing a new comedy series called 13th Grade which will centre on a high school graduate who is stuck in limbo between childhood and adulthood. Cera will work with Derek Waters on the show, who has previously been seen on The Middle and The Sarah Silverman Programme.

Fox quits television

Former Lost actor Matthew Fox has declared he will never work on television again after spending more than 12 years working for the small screen. Fox, who featured on Party of Five before Lost, added that he is keen to take on more theatre role sin the future.

Susan Boyle auto-tuned?

Amid controversy that the latest season of The X Factor in the UK is employing the use of auto-tuners on its auditioning contestants, newspapers are reporting that Susan Boyle’s famous audition on Britain’s Got Talent was “smoothed out” in post production.

Jersey Shore spin-off planned

Jersey Shore producer Sally Ann Salsano is developing a new Southern-based version of the reality show format. With a working title of Party Down South, the project is being developed for Comedy Central.

Chuck casts villains

Chuck has cast a trio of villains for the show’s fourth season, including The Expendables actor Eric Roberts. Roberts will be joined by Joel David Moore and WWE wrestler Batista on the next season which will screen here next year.

New X Factor host named

Home and Away actor Luke Jacobz will replace Matt Newton as the new host of the upcoming X Factor Australia it has been announced. Jacobz, who plays cop Angelo on the Aussie soap, will take up hosting duties on the reality talent show which kicks-off in NZ at the start of September.

Aniston to guest on Cougar Town

Jennifer Aniston has been confirmed to join her fellow Friends cast member Courtney Cox on Cougar Town in the upcoming second season. Aniston will play Jules’ (Cox) psychiatrist in the season premiere.

Farr joins Grey’s Anatomy

Numb3rs actress Diane Farr will feature in the next season of Grey’s Anatomy, playing a patient under the care of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). Farr, who played FBI agent Megan Reeves in Numb3rs, has also featured in Californication and Desperate Housewives.

Lost props sell at auction

A script for the pilot episode of Lost has sold for US$18,000 at a recent auction in California. A number of other props from the show were sold as well including a computer and hatch door from ‘the Swan’ station which fetched US$19,200 and a large piece of wreckage from Oceanic Flight 815.