Love My Way

VIBE – Sundays from 11 January, 8.30pm

New season episodes continue the stories of Frankie and co as they navigate their way through the turmoil of daily life in their search for family and fulfilment in the 21st century.

Creating a family is one thing, sustaining it is quite another. In the new season of LOVE MY WAY Frankie comes to an abrupt end of her honeymoon period and is left to deal with the day to day reality of her roles as wife, stepmother and artist. Charlie and Julia’s relationship ventures into uncharted territory as Charlie becomes a stay at home dad and Julia invites her wayward sister Simone back into her life. Tom engages in a period of glossy nihilism only to end up challenged by his latest lifestyle philosophy.

How do you define yourself in a group whose dynamics continually change? Are love and goodwill enough? LOVE MY WAY explores the joy and pain of living on shifting sands, the quest for happiness and the continued dramatic search for the meaning of Family.

VIBE – Thursdays from 3 July, 8.30pm

One day you wake up and you’re in your thirties. How’d that happen? Still semi-broke, still negotiating with your ex about your daughter, still wondering what you’re going to do when you grow up. Frankie, 31 (Claudia Karvan, The Secret Life Of Us), is a tempestuous ball of mad life; a painter who also illustrates for a living at a large daily newspaper. She lives with Tom, substance abuser, occasional depressive and cook in the local rehabilitation hospital and Lou, her eight-year-old jazz-dancing daughter. Just down the road but in a much nicer house, that has a mortgage not a landlord, lives Charlie, 35, architect, surfer, emotionally stunted and Lou’s father. He’s Frankie’s ex and Tom’s brother. Charlie’s remarried to Julia, a 30-something woman with firm dreams about her life that are about to come true and scare the shit out of her. This is an exploration of big characters dealing with the deepest of human emotions: Love, hate, truth, lies, jealousy, anger and death. It deals with the randomness of life and the bloody mindedness needed to carve out a place in the world. These people are family by blood and family by proxy. We see them at their worst, these people are too close for manners; and we see them at their best, negotiating their lives with and for one another and looking after their children, their lives and loves as best they can. Love My Way is an exploration of the love that binds us, the relationships that define us and the dreams of grown ups. With a Silver World Medal win for drama at the 2008 New York Festivals Television Broadcasting Awards, two prestigious awards at the 2007 AFI Awards and seven ASTRA Awards, Love My Way is must-see viewing.