Lush House

LIVING CHANNEL – Thursdays from 1 October, 9pm

Keep a pen and paper handy as the economical and eco-friendly household tips Shannon Lush has to offer may change your life! Her handy advice on everything from how to organise your fridge to cleaning your house in 15 minutes come like an epiphany, opening up the possibility of a world with less stress and dysfunction and more harmony and calm. Each week one family or household receives the Shannon Lush treatment. Shannon produces a profile of the household’s needs and draws up an Action Plan. With simply solutions to common problems such as obliterating creepy crawlies with bay leaves and lemon oil; properly stacking a fridge; lifting pen marks; revitalising leather; clearing drains; getting dust off lamps; resuscitating soft toys; and restoring antiques, Shannon has all the answers. Her simple, non-toxic approach to cleaning and household management will enable viewers to discover everything they ever wanted to know about remedying domestic disasters and deliver valuable take-away tips that will save time, money and the planet.