M.I. High

From the makers of Spooks comes M.I. High – a new kids tv series.

Threats to British national security are at an all-time high. The old school spies have had their day and high–ranking MI9 agent, Lenny Bicknall (Danny John Jules, Red Dwarf) must find secure and untraceable identities for his officers. His solution: to establish a ring of undercover agents in a place the enemy will never suspect – an inner city high school.

Bel Powley, Moustafa Chousein-Oglou and Rachel Petladwala star as Daisy, Blane and Rose, highly-trained spies who juggle school work with saving the world from the villainous Grand Master and his mob of outlandish rogues.

Socialite Daisy is chosen for her chameleon-like skills, while scientific expert Rose has an IQ off the scale. Enigmatic Blane is unsurpassed in his athletic prowess and rapid response abilities.

But with the pressures of such a responsible job and the danger of discovery at school, will the spy team be able to protect Britain and hand their homework in on time?

The series also guest stars Robert Llewellyn, Rula Lenska, Alex Ferns and Steve Furst.

The show will air on the BBC early 2007.