Maddigan’s Quest

South Pacific Pictures scooped the pool last night at the 2007 Air New Zealand Screen Awards Finalists Announcement with a total of 27 nominations.

Acclaimed drama series Outrageous Fortune (which is returning to TV3 later this month) received the most nominations with a total of 16, while fantasy series Maddigan’s Quest received eight nominations and long-running weeknight serial Shortland Street got three nods.

Both Outrageous Fortune and Shortland Street are up for the Best Drama Programme award, while Maddigan’s Quest is a finalist in the Best Children’s Programme category.

South Pacific Pictures’ cast members made a clean sweep of all four of the acting categories and the Script, Drama category was also dominated by South Pacific Pictures’ writers Rachel Lang and James Griffin.

Outrageous Fortune scored a hat-trick when it came to the award for Achievement in Directing, Drama/Comedy Programme with three of the show’s directors being nominated.

South Pacific Pictures’ finalists (listed by Programme) are as follows:


– Best Drama Programme

– Performance by an Actress
Robyn Malcolm (series 2, episode 16)

– Performance by an Actor
Antony Starr (series 2, episode 7)
Grant Bowler (series 2, episode 7)

– Performance by a Supporting Actress
Antonia Prebble (series 2, episode 14)
Siobhan Marshall (series 2, episode 13)

– Performance by a Supporting Actor
Frank Whitten (series 2, episode 13)
Tammy Davis (series 2, episode 12)

– Script, Drama
James Griffin (series 2, Christmas special)
Rachel Lang (series 2, episode 16)

– Achievement in Directing, Drama/Comedy Programme
Simon Bennett (series 2, episode 16)
Michael Bennett (series 2, episode 7)
Mark Beesley (series 2, episode 11)

– Achievement in Original Music
Joel Haines (series 2, episode 8)

– Contribution to a Soundtrack
Carl Smith & Steve Finnigan (series 2, episode 8)

– Contribution to Design
Katrina Hodge, Costume Designer (series 2, episode 8)


– Best Children’s Programme

– Performance by an Actress
Rose McIver (episode 2)

– Performance by an Actor
Jordan Metcalfe(episode 12)

– Script, Drama
Rachel Lang (episode 5)

– Achievement in Original Music
Victoria Kelly (episode 5)

– Contribution to a Soundtrack
Carl Smith & Rodney Larsen (episode 2)

– Contribution to Design
Tracey Collins (episode 1)
Albedo VFX (episode 13)


– Best Drama Programme

– Performance by an Actress
Amanda Billing (episode 3642)

– Performance by a Supporting Actress
Anna Julliene(episode 3566)

Stars of both the big and small screens are celebrating tonight after finalists in the third annual Air New Zealand Screen Awards were announced at Sky City earlier this evening.

Outrageous Fortune leads the pack with 16 nominations across 10 categories, including Best Drama, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Script and Achievement in Directing.

Fantasy series Maddigan’s Quest also proved popular with eight nominations, while Shortland Street only managed to rustle up three nods.

The awards ceremony will take place at Sky City Theatre next month, where 30 trophies will be handed out.

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The New Zealand fantasy series Maddigan’s Quest will shortly be available for purchase on DVD.

The series aired on TV3 earlier this year and also played on the BBC in the United Kingdom and the Nine Network in Australia.

For more info on the show, check out the official website:

Does anyone know if there’s going to be a second series of Maddigan’s Quest? I thought the first series was really imaginative – one of the most imgaginative progs made in NZ.

But it got buried in an early Saturday evening slot & classified as a children’s prog. I think it is one that adults can also appreciate.