Made In Spain With Jose Andres

FOOD TELEVISION – Thursdays from 4 September, 10.00pm

José Andrés is an internationally recognized culinary innovator best known for bringing both traditional and avant-garde Spanish fare to America. In his new series Made In Spain, José takes viewers to every corner of the country highlighting his favourite markets, vineyards, restaurants, artisans and more. We begin our journey from the Chefs home region of Asturias in northern Spain, making a sweet and sour salad of cheese and tomatoes, with a honey and vinegar dressing. From here we visit the cultural and culinary capital, Madrid, indulging in a quick Tapa of Fried eggs and Spanish chorizo before jetting off to Catalunya for a lesson in food art and fine olive oil. Of course no tour of Spain would be complete without the pure indulgence of Spanish wine, to compliment the exquisite flavours. Jose takes us to La Rioja for a tapa of apples in red wine syrup, before sampling the countries best Rioja from a local winemaker. From Peppers in Navarra to Saffron in Castilla La Mancha, Made In Spain With Jose Andres explores the true beauty and delicious banquet of food this country has to offer.